Tuesday, July 2, 2019

On July 7th we vote for the KKE: Large electoral rally by the Communist Party in Thessaloniki

Photo source: 902.gr.
Hundreds of people of every age, workers, students, men and women, gathered on Monday afternoon at the White Tower, the landmark of Thessaloniki, in order to attend the large pre-electoral rally of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), just six days before the July 7th general elections

"The only really valuable for the people vote is the one of the KKE" said Dimitris Koutsoumbas, the Party's General Secretary, addressing a sea of red flags in the city's promenade. 

"The vote to the KKE is the vote that counts. Until the last day, until the last hour, we are giving the struggle so no vote will be lost for our party. The vote we lose, due to electoral turnout, in fact strengthens the opponents of our people" pointed out Koutsoumbas. 

He continued: "On July 7th we go and vote for the KKE [...] Because, what will be important for the people the next day, is how powerful the Communist Party of Greece. Because the KKE, having as its banners the needs and the rights of people, will be against the next government that will be hostile towards the people. Simply because it will be another government of the monopolies, the EU and NATO, which will continue crushing the majority for the profits of the few". 

In another point of his speech, Dimitris Koutsoumbas underlined that "on July 7th you have to choose between four memorandum parties, two fascists-far rightists and the KKE. This is the whole essence. That is why we are telling you, with all the power of our voice and heart. Now, only KKE. So that the hope, the truth, the power of the people will shine". 

Greeting messages were also delivered by the candidate MPs, Giannis Delis, Leonidas Stoltidis and Semina Digeni. 

In the end of the event, General Secretary Koutsoumbas shared the stage with all candidates KKE MPs for the Thessaloniki A' and 'B constituencies.