Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Communist candidate for mayor of Athens sends powerful message for struggle

"We say ity clearly, powerfully, honestly: A strong KKE in all ballots, in the municipality and the regional government. The "People's Rally", our list, can express a movement of struggle and change in Athens and Attica", said the Communist Party of Greece's (KKE) candidate for mayor of Athens Nikos Sofianos

Sofianos, a member of the Party's Political Bureau and an Athens city councillor since 2010, said that "during the difficult years of austerity, which still persists, we gave the struggle by supporting the people's demands, asserting measures, pressing for solutions on the difficult daily life of our people which is affected by the policy of the municipal authority."

During an event that took place at the cultural center of the municipality of Athens, the "People's Rally" (KKE's lists in local elections) presented part of its candidates for the municipality and the Attica regional administration. Except from Nikos Sofianos, the event was attended by the candidate for regional governor, Yannis Protoulis, member of the KKE Political Bureau and former MP. 

In his speech, Nikos Sofianos, 53, pointed out that, during the previous years, the "People's Rally's" elected councillors in the city of Athens stood by the side of the city's working class, in every neighborhood, in labour places, in the sectors of culture and education, in all kinds of municipal services.

"Let the workers and people who live in Athens respond: Do they want a mayor-administrator, who will serve the government, the EU partners and the interests of the large businesses, or a municipal authority which will work alongside the city's people" said Nikos Sofianos, stressing out examples of the anti-people, anti-worker policy followed by the outgoing mayor Kaminis.

As Sofianos underlined, the vote on "People's Rally" is the response against the black of the nazi-criminal Golden Dawn which sows the seeds of fascism and racism in the city. It must be noted that the candidates' list of People's Rally for Athens includes immigrants who live and work in Greece's capital.

The local elections in Greece are scheduled to take place on May 19, 2019.