Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Prespes Agreement in the Greek Parliament - KKE MPs expose the truth about the deal

The parliamentary debate on the Prespes Agreement began on Wednesday morning, with the final vote projected to take place late Thursday night. According to the state-run AMNA news agency, the vote is expected to be taken after midnight, during the early hours of Friday 24 January on Friday afternoon (updated).

The deputies of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) are participating in the debate exposing the actual nature of the Prespes name deal between Athens and Skopje as a tool of promoting the imperialist plans in the Balkans. In this post we present a report including the major abstracts of the speeches that have been delivered by the KKE MPs.

Speaking during the debate at the parliamentary plenum earlier today, KKE MP Giannis Giokas said that the Prespes Agreement was imposed by the elite of the warmongering states and organizations which have sowed nationalism and death in the Balkans. Giokas pointed out that SYRIZA and New Democracy (ND) as well as the other bourgeois parties conceal this truth, while they do not say a word about the competitions and the aspiration to integrate FYROM in NATO in order weaken Russian and other countries' influence in the region. 

The KKE MP said that no solution can exist within the framework of the EU and NATO, because- as he characteristically stressed out- the arsonists of the Balkans cannot be the firefighters at the same time. Regarding the germs of irredentism that exist in the Prespes deal, Giokas pointed out that the Agreement is a US-NATO product which deliberately includes irredentist features, because the imperialists are the ones who incite irredentism and nationalism in order to divide the people and promote their plans.

The KKE deputy mentioned that the Prespes Agreement consist a link in the chain of the government's policy which serves, in the best possible way, the US-NATO choices, through the expansion of military bases, the 4 billion dollars military spending towards NATO. etc.

From his side, the KKE MP Nikos Karathanasopoulos stressed out that SYRIZA and ND utilize the Prespes Agreement in order to strengthen their phony confrontation and fake bipolarity, adding that both the two parties accept the US-NATO plans and the so-called "geostrategic upgrading" of Greece. 

He underlined that the SYRIZA-ND confrontation "pours water into the mill" of deception and entraps the people's consciousness between two parties that have common stratetic choices, while at the same time "incites the development of nationalist views". The KKE MP pointed out that the Tsipras-Zaev agreement has the clear objective to "promote the US-NATO imperialist plans in the region of Western Balkans", adding that these plans "are utilized by the bourgeoisie, within the context of the country's geostrategic upgrading".

During her speech, Aleka Papariga, ex-General Secretary, member of the Central Committee and MP, responded to the anti-communist slanders expressed by deputies of New Democracy, saying that anti-communism "is inevitable and consistent" with ND's ideology and policies, while she added that SYRIZA does "smuggling of hopes and left ideas, but now it has gone too far". 

Aleka Papariga commented on the argument made by SYRIZA deputy Sia Anagnostopoulou - who said that the Prespes Agreement is... "anti-imperialist": "This is also a kind of anti-communism. It is a slander. No matter how many times you go to Kesariani to laid wreath, or in the museum and statue of Beloyannis, this policy and practice of yours cannot be washed out whatsoever".

Refering to the government's slogan that Greece becomes a "leading power" in the Balkans, as well as the one of ND which talks about the Balkans as "Greece's hinterland", the KKE cadre underlined that "this proves that nationalism isn't born spontaneously to the people, but it is cultivated from above. Nationalism, the far-right and fascist perceptions, are in some cases very useful to the system, in order to create anti-fascist and anti-right fronts".