Thursday, January 17, 2019

Communist MEP Kostas Papadakis slams Europarliament's anti-communist frenzy

The outcome of the debate under the subject "Comprehensive European education, research and remembrance of the totalitarian past" in the European Parliament was an orgy of anti-communism, reports. The major aim behind the debate was the unacceptable and unhistorical equation of communism with the monster of nazism. 

The MEP of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Kostas Papadakis responded to the anti-communist distortion of history by saying:

[Unofficial translation from the Greek text]

"You are talking about totalitarianism... your aim is obvious, to equate communism with the monster of nazism which is the original offspring of capitalist barbarity, the one that all of you defend. The historical truth, the red flag in Reichstag consist an everlasting witness regarding who exterminated nazism. As for who feeds, even today, the far-right, nationalism and the fascism can be witnessed by what is going on today in Poland, in Hungary, in the Baltic countries with the persecutions and prohibitions of Communist Parties while, at the same time, nazi collaborators are being honored, with the EU support.

No matter how many institutions, lies in textbooks and expensive campaigns you are going to fund, History has been written and is written by the people through their struggle against the rotten exploitative system. The achievements of socialism in Education, Health, unemployment's eradication, consolidation of labour rights, are historical. 

The EU and capitalism aren't an one-way street. The people, with their own power in their countries, can fight for a Europe of Socialism".