Friday, January 11, 2019

Sudan's people are not alone! Messages of solidarity by Communist Parties

In a letter to the Communist Party of Sudan, the International Relations Section of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) expresses its solidarity and support:

Dear comrades,
The KKE expresses our support and solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people for democratic and social rights against the bourgeois dictatorial regime.
It denounces the repressive machine unleashed by the authoritarian bourgeois regime against the mass and peaceful demonstrations that have swept the country, killing more than 40 demonstrators, wounding hundreds more and arresting over a thousand people, including communists and other militants.

The anti-people regime, which is supported by the imperialist unions, the World Bank and IMF, has led the overwhelming majority of the population to experience misery, hunger and poverty. At the same time, Sudan sent troops to Yemen in the framework of Saudi Arabia's invasion.
The KKE condemns these anti-people choices of the Sudanese regime, as well as the violence that has been unleashed against the working class and other popular strata of the country. It expresses the solidarity of the communists of Greece with the people of Sudan and the CP of Sudan.
In this framework, our party today sent a letter of protest to the embassy of Sudan in Athens and will continue and intensify its solidarity in the forthcoming period with the communists of Sudan and the country's struggling people.
International Relations Section of the CC of the KKΕ, 9.1.2019.

رسالة تضامن من الحزب الشيوعي اليوناني نحو الحزب الشيوعي السوداني 
 الرفاق اﻷعزاء،
يُعرب الحزب الشيوعي اليوناني عن دعمه وتضامنه مع كفاح الشعب السوداني ضد النظام البرجوازي الدكتاتوري، من أجل  الحقوق الديمقراطية والاجتماعية.
و يستنكر الحزب آلة القمع، التي أطلقها النظام البرجوازي الاستبدادي ضد المظاهرات الجماهيرية السلمية التي اجتاحت البلاد مما أسفر عن مقتل أكثر من 40 متظاهرا وإصابة مئات آخرين واعتقال أكثر من ألف شخص من ضمنهم  شيوعيون و مناضلون آخرون. 
لقد قاد النظام المناهض للشعب و المدعوم من قبل اﻹتحادات الإمبريالية، مثل البنك الدولي وصندوق النقد الدولي، الغالبية العظمى من السكان نحو المعاناة من حالات البؤس والجوع والفقر. مع مشاركته في الوقت نفسه، في مخططات اﻹمبريالية و إرساله قوى عسكرية إلى اليمن في إطار غزو السعودية لهذا البلد.
يُدين الحزب الشيوعي اليوناني خيارات النظام السوداني هذه، المناهضة للشعب، كخيار العنف الذي شنَّه ضد الطبقة العاملة وغيرها من الشرائح الشعبية في البلاد، ويُعرب عن تضامن شيوعيي اليونان مع شعب السودان و حزبه الشيوعي. 
و في هذا السياق ، فقد قام حزبنا اليوم ببعث رسالة احتجاج إلى السفارة السودانية في أثينا، و سيواصل خلال الفترة القادمة،  تشديد تضامنه مع شيوعيي السودان و شعبه المناضل. 
قسم العلاقات الأممية للجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعي اليوناني

* * *
Letter of solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people
We, the undersigned communist and workers parties, express our support for and solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people against the dictatorial regime, for democracy and social progress.
Since the beginning of the mass peaceful demonstrations that swept the country the dictatorial regime has unleashed its repressive machine, using excessive force, killing over 40 protesters, injuring hundreds and detaining over one thousand people, including leading opposition figures and activists, Communists and democrats. Furthermore, it directed its violent repressive actions against students, women, activists, professionals and journalists.
The regime is implementing an economic policy dictated by the World Bank and IMF which has ruined the country and turned the lives of the overwhelming majority of the population into one of misery, hunger and poverty.
Being a true servant of world imperialism and regional reaction, the regime sold the country’s fertile lands to foreign capital, evicted its local owners, opened up the country to the CIA and Mosad’s activities, hosted the CIA’s largest station in Africa, joined the US AFRICOM forces, and sent troops to Yemen as part of Saudi Arabia’s invasion.
The undersigned communist and workers parties call for the immediate and unconditional release of all political detainees.
We also declare our support for the peaceful mass protest actions aiming at the overthrow of the dictatorial regime, its dismantling and the establishment of a people’s democratic government that paves the way for the completion of the tasks of the national democratic revolution.
We salute the role played by the Sudanese Communist Party in the present popular uprising and support its efforts to build the broadest possible alliance to topple the dictatorial regime.
Signed by
CP of Albania
WP of Belgium
CP of Britain
CP of Canada
SWP of Croatia
CP in Denmark
French CP
UCP of Georgia
German CP
Hungarian WP
Tudeh Party of Iran
Iraqi CP
CP (Italy)
Jordanian CP
Lebanese CP
CP of Luxembourg
CP of Norway
CP of Pakistan
Paraguayan CP
Philippines CP [PKP 1930]
Portuguese CP
South African CP
CP of the Peoples of Spain
CP of Sri Lanka
CP of Turkey