Friday, March 3, 2017

Solidarity with comrade Taly Nayandra of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

With a statement, the Brazilian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Brasileiro) strongly denounces the brutality of the Brazilian Military Police against the PCB and Communist Youth Union's member Taly Nayandra Figueira dos Santos.

A indigenous activist and militant communist, Nayandra has been a candidate for vice-mayor in the city of Manaus, in the region of Amazonas.

According to the PCB, comrade Taly Nayandra was arrested by the local Military Police on Saturday 25th of February and suffered physical and psychological torture for more than an hour. 

Nayandra was placed in a room alone and was severely beaten by police officers with punches, face slaps and kicks, while she was also psychologically battered. After all this torture, she was left alone in a street of São Raimundo neighborhood in Manaus.

The Amazonas organisation of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB-AM) reiterates its support for comrade Taly Nayandra, expresses solidarity and repudiates the aggression that she has suffered. According to the PCB, it is evident that the reasons behind Nayandra's arrest and torture are strictly political and chauvinist. 

"Such a situation is unacceptable. We are waiting for a response from the Military Police about what happened and we will make the necessary decisions so that one more crime does not go unpunished" says the statement of the Amazonas organisation of the PCB.

KKE condemns the arrest of Taly Nayandra

With a message to the PCB, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) condemns the arbitrary arrest of the Brazilian communist. 

More specifically "the KKE expresses its solidarity to comrade Taly Nayandra and the Brazilian Communist Party. The state and federal authorities of the country bear big responsibilities. The case must be elucidated and an exemplary punishment of the perpetrators must take place. No act of intimidation, criminalization or restriction of communist action will pass"