Tuesday, March 21, 2017

KKE: Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement:

"Fifty-one years after the proclamation by the UN, with the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union, of the 21st of March as the International Day against Racial Discrimination, the capitalist world, in the USA, the EU, in Greece, is showing more and more clearly its inhuman character against refugees and immigrants, to the victims of imperialist wars and capitalist exploitation.

In Greece, one year has been completed since the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement which was emerged from the villainous bazaar of the EU with Turkey's ruling class. The SYRIZA-ANEL government, which celebrated the agreement, is trying with claws and teeth to implement it, being indifferent to the miserable conditions in the refugee structures of the islands as well as for the consequences for the inhabitants from the double entrapment that has been formed in the Aegean islands. The government, with the support of all bourgeois parties, actively participates in all the imperialist plans and interventions which are responsible for the large refugee and immigration waves. The government brought NATO's ships in the Aegean, supposedly for the limitation of refugee and immigrants. It has created conditions for long or permanent entrapment in the country, in camps and infrastructures given to various mechanisms and NGOs. It agrees with the reinstatement of the Dublin Regulation which will mean a new wave of “refugees return”, this time from EU countries.

With its policy, but also with the handling of issues such as the integration of refugee children to the education system, it “fed” the Nazi criminals of Golden Dawn and other reactionary forces to organise bully attacks against refugees and economic migrants, to turn against children, to poison the minds and the consciences of people. With the participation of the nazi and racist Golden Dawn's MPs in the governmental fiestas in Kastelorizo, with the statements of SYRIZA cadres, they actually “launder” the criminal Golden Dawn thus preparing her to play a more “serious” role as the system's long arm against the labor and popular movement, against local and foreign workers.

The increase in the number of refugees and immigrants is exploited by the racist, nationalist parties which aim to disorient the workers regarding the causes of their lives' deterioration. At the same time, the increase of these parties' influence is exploited for the formation of new fraudulent dilemmas, to hide the fact that racism and fascism come out from the same capitalist “womb” like all the other bourgeois parties, the parties of cosmopolitanism. Thus, the Netherlands of the liberal, pro-European bourgeois politician Mr.Rutte, within a year, accepted just 939 refugees- less than the ¼ of the minimum number of refugees it had committed to accept within the EU migration process. The EU switches racism with cosmopolitanism, opens and closes the borders depending on her geopolitical interests and the needs of the capitalists.

The communists, through their action in the trade unions, the bodies of the popular movement, will steadfastly continue to fight, in practice, against racism and xenophobia. For:

The unlocking of the refugees and immigrants from Greece and the islands.
Human living conditions in the refugee camps and infrastructures.
Inclusion of all children of refugees and immigrants in the public structures of education.
Equal labour and social rights for the working refugees and immigrants.
Isolation of fascists and racists.

Organizing of people's struggle against the imperialist war and capitalist exploitation."

Source: 902.gr / Translation: In Defense of Communism.