Friday, June 3, 2016

Message of the International Relations Department of the CC of KKE to the Communist Party of Venezuela

Message of the International Relations Department of the CC of KKE to the Communist Party of Venezuela. 

Translation: In Defense of Communism.

In a message to the Communist Party of Venezuela, the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece points out the following:

To the Communist Party of Venezuela.
Central Committee, Caracas, Venezuela.

Dear comrades,

We express our internationalist solidarity to the working class and the popular strata of your country who are facing with the consequences of the capitalist economic crisis as well as the increasing aggressiveness of Imperialism and the reactionary forces.

KKE denounces every attempt of intervention in the domestic issues of Venezuela, such as the one which is manifested within the framework of the OAS (Organisation of American States), as well as the military provocations by the US and their allies, the open targeting by the US, NATO and the EU, alliances in which our country participates and fulfilling a negative role for the people.

The parties of the Capital which in Greece and in other countries speculate with Venezuela's problems are exposed. They are trying to delete from the peoples' memory that during the decades of '60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, their parties-relatives were governing and condemned the working class, the popular strata of your country to extreme poverty, the natural resources became source of immense profits for the Capital, the interventions of the US was a characteristic element of the developments.

This is the reality which provoked people's rage and led to the governmental change of 1998 with the election of Chavez, cultivating to the people hopes for a change in the situation.

The developments in Venezuela vindicate the positions of the communists who support that the responsible for the crisis that Venezuela experiences is the capitalist way of production.

In this case, in Venezuela, is confirmed the rule which is applicable to all countries and mentions that as far as the authority and the economy is in the hands of the monopolies, any social achievements of the people are not secured.

Capitalism cannot be confronted with various minor improvements and reforms, but with organisation and intensification of the struggle for the protection of the working-popular interests, in a clash with the bourgeois class and it's authority, with a total revolutionary overthrow in all sectors.

KKE expresses it's support to the struggle of the PCV (Partido Comunista de Venezuela), for the strengthening of the class struggle, so that the people will not pay the cost of the crisis, for the enpowerment of the labour movement, the fight for the support and expansion of the peoples' rights, for socialism.