Monday, June 27, 2016

European Communist Initiative: Statement on the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw

Statement of the European Communist Initiative on the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

We, the Communist and Workers' Parties, which participate in the European Communist Initiative, express our firm rejection of NATO and the new aggressive plans to be accepted by the NATO summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July 2016.
We say No to NATO
NATO has a permanent military presence in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish government insists on establishing permanent NATO bases in Poland and building a new Missile Defense Shield in the country.
NATO spreads its activity in the Aegean Sea and is expanding all over the world.
NATO is urging all member states to rise its military spending to at least 2% of GDP and plans to invite new members to the imperialist alliance.
NATO supports the pro-fascist, nationalist regime of Ukraine. The leading circles of NATO countries overlook the fact that Ukraine does not fulfill the Minsk-agreements. They pardon the Ukrainian regime for the ban on the activity of communist forces in the country.

We protest
We protest against NATO’s aggressive plans to bring its troops and modern armaments nearer and nearer to Russia, escalating the competition and creating conditions that could lead to a generalized war in Europe at the expense of the peoples.
We protest against NATO’s plans to apply new systems of weapons and to intensify the arms race, to spend much more on military aims, transferring funds from welfare, healthcare and education to serve the preparation of imperialist wars and interventions.
We denounce the imperialist wars and interventions
NATO has direct responsibility for recent wars against the peoples, for the dangerous situation that has been formed in many regions of the planet.
The wars raged by the imperialist powers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya have left hundreds of thousands dead and injured; destroyed these countries’ infrastructure and worsened the lives of millions of workers.
Millions of people have been forced to become refugees and flee their homes in search of a safe place for them and their families to live.
Murderous terrorist organizations have been created and backed with support of the imperialists, a terrible legacy of the military conflicts.
We say NO to the exploitative capitalist system
The capitalist system cannot ensure peace; it gives rise to crises, poverty and wars, it turns against the peoples.
The struggle for peace, for the abolition of exploitation and the satisfaction of the people’s needs is connected to the struggle to overthrow capitalism, the struggle for socialism.
We, the Communist and Workers’ Parties that participate in the “Initiative” call on the workers and all working people:
· To strengthen our struggle against the participation of our countries in the plans of the imperialist powers.
· To strengthen our solidarity with the peoples that face imperialist interventions.
· To strengthen our struggle against the monopolies, capitalism and the bourgeois states, which cause the imperialist interventions and wars.
· To support the anti-imperialist, peace and anti-war movements in Europe to strengthen the struggle against the aggressive NATO-plans.
· To organize in our countries 8 July 2016 protests in front of the embassies of the USA and Poland.
· To use all our media-resources to inform the peoples and to raise our voice!
No to imperialist wars and aggression! No to NATO! No to capitalism!