Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Communist Party of Greece (KKE): Statement for the World Refugee Day

Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the Press Office of the CC of KKE issued the following statement:
"The UN data for 2015- with the unprecedented number of 65.3 million refugees and domestically displaced people, 50% of which are children and 5.4 million people who became refugees for first time in 2015- is the mirror of a system which the only that has to offer is crises, poverty, wars, uprooting and refugees. The (the data) also show that if people do not put their own stamp, targeting the actual responsible, the monopolies and the imperialist war, the millions of the persecuted and uprooted people will be increasing every year.

The Greek people saw last year more than 1 million refugees, Syrians, Afghanis, Iraqis etc., passing from Greece in an effort to build a new life (somewhere) in an EU state. They are watching now the entrapment of 57,000 people in Greece, the double entrapment of refugees and immigrants in the islands, the harsh living conditions, as a result of the decisions made by the EU and the Greek government. (The Greek people) demonstrated, in every way, their active support and solidarity towards the refugees.

The SYRIZA-ANEL Greek governmnent, with the agreement of the other parties, bears huge responsibilities for it's stance towards the refugee issue. Why: It voted in favor of all the EU decisions which open and close the borders according to the needs of the capital. It voted the EU-Turkey agreement, it votes laws and amendments which brutally trample the rights of the refugees, tear the international law and lead to the entrapment of refugees in Greece. It (the government) brought NATO in the Aegean Sea under the pretext of "securing" the Greek-Turkish sea borders and supports all the decisions made by NATO and EU for the dramatic increase of the Euroatlantic military forces in the region, for the escalation of the interventions in the Middle East and for a new intervention in Libya. The government gives everything to the imperialist unions, in which it participates actively. It implicates the Greek people in serious dangers. Despite the fake words of sympathy for the refugees, (the government) in fact contributes to the escalation of the refugee issue and in the creation of new, mass refugee waves.

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the KKE extends a militant invitation to the Greek people and the movement in order to:

- Overthrow all the decisions which trample the refugees' rights, which entrap refugees in our country, such as the unacceptable EU-Turkey decision.

- Cancel the Dublin Regulations and enruse the safe redemployment of the refugees to their final destination countries.

- Recognize the identity of "refugee" to all the people who are victims of imperialist interventions and reactionary regimes.

- Create humane and healthy places of temporary accommodation for the refugess, with the state's responsibility, without (the involvement of) individuals and NGOs, with special concern for the children, the unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, people with disabilities.

- Strengthen the first reception services and the asylum committees, free-of-charge legal advice and interpretation for the fast, reliable and fair examination of the asylum requests.

- Get NATO, Frontex and the similar EU mechanisms out of Greece.
KKE calls the Greek people and the refugees to strengthen their common struggle against the imperialist plans and the preparation of new wars from USA, NATO and EU. No participation whatsoever of Greek military forces in the imperialist interventions. Close down the Souda military base, without giving any part of Greek soil, air and water for the support of the imperialists' war plans. For the disengagement from the Euroatlantic organisations and the removal of all the foreigh military bases.