Thursday, June 9, 2016

European Parliament: Enormous hypocrisy by SYRIZA MEPs regarding privatizations

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Translation: In Defense of Communism.

The hypocrisy of SYRIZA was once again highlighted during a discussion in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg regarding a resolution which promotes the privatization of the railways. 

More specifically, the SYRIZA MEPs signed an amendment which denounces the railways privatization, while, on the same time, they promote the privatization of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) in Greece! Furthermore, some of them signed the above resolution but avoided to sign another resolution which calls the governments (the SYRIZA-ANEL government in Greece as well) to reject the privatizations of the railways! Hypocrisy at it's best!

Addressing the plenary session the KKE MEP Sotiris Zarianopoulos said the following:

"KKE votes against the resolution because it further promotes the privatization of the railways project, in detriment to the industry's workers and the passengers as well. 

We, nevertheless, underline the enormous political audacity of parties and political groups in the European Parliament which, with in the most shameless way, mock the people. We refer to SYRIZA, the government of which in Greece, in it's dirty role as the "useful for the system Left", crush the people and, on the other side, gives the public property to the lenders for a period of 99 years, thus privatizing everything including the railways.

It is, therefore, a huge provocation that SYRIZA MEPs sign an amendment which denounces the railways privatization, but just right after that, they deny to sign another amendment which calls the governments (including theirs) to reject the privatizations.

This is SYRIZA and it's mockery. A supposedly "left" crutch of the bourgeois political barbarity. This GUE and the Party of the European Left, a political house of the memorandum parties. We leave them to the people's judgement".