Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mexico's social democracy exposed: MORENA fanatics attacked Communist Party members

SUMA aggressors in action
Once again, social democracy showed its true, disgustingly anti-communist face. In Mexico, cadres and members of the Communist Party (Partido Comunista - PCM) became targets of a violent attack by supporters of the social democratic MORENA party. 

According to a statement published in El Machete, PCM's official gazette, the incident took place on May 19, during the last presidential debate (Mexico's presidential elections are due to take place on 2 June 2024). With the purpose of denouncing its political exclusion from the electoral process, a delegation of the Communist Party headed by Marco Vinicio Dávila, communist candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, and Ángel Chávez, candidate for Head of Government, staged a protest.

Suddenly, the communists became target of a violent attack (video here) by members of SUMA, a faction within the social democratic MORENA party, created by presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum and Omar García Harfuch. 

The Communist Party denounces the stance of Mexican police which made everything to facilitate the violent actions of SUMA fanatics and did nothing to guarantee the right to freedom of expression for the PCM members.

The Press Commission of the PCM states: "We hold MORENA, Dr. Sheinbaum and the police officer and repressor Omar García Harfuch responsible for this aggression. The National Electoral Institute also has responsibility, which as organizer of the event and the electoral process is proclaimed as the safeguard of a civic climate of respect". 

It must be noted that the Communist Party of Mexico has been prohibited from participating in the 2024 presidential elections, something that consists a breach of a fundamental democratic and constitutional right.