Thursday, May 9, 2024

KKE MEPs denounce European Parliament's shameful equation of communism with fascism

The MEPs of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounce the new anti-communist vileness of the European Parliament with the distribution of a pre-election advertisement for participation in the European elections of June 9, noting:

"In the short film, the EU propaganda mechanisms have managed to create an unhistorical mess by putting together in the same bag statements of people who lived through the Nazi atrocity with so-called 'testimonies' from the countries of socialism, reproducing the unhistorical equation of the fascist monster with communism. Indeed, this time the EU has even managed to outdo itself, since the spot is a monument to anti-communism with a touch of anti-fascism thrown in for good measure.
This vulgar historical falsification is even being used to advertise 'democracy' in the EU, targeting the younger generation. It is an impertinence to present the EU institutions as defenders of 'democracy' and freedoms, at the same time as in a number of EU Member States Communist parties are banned and Communist ideology is prosecuted as a criminal offence, with the 'democratic' claim that it 'incites dissent', as happened recently in Latvia. While in the European Parliament a 'witch-hunt' has already begun, with accusations of 'espionage', fines and sanctions for those MEPs who do not agree with the line of support for Zelensky and Azov's Nazis in the imperialist war in Ukraine between NATO and capitalist Russia.

At the same time, in a number of EU Member States, demonstrations are banned and activists are arrested for demonstrating their solidarity with the Palestinian people in order not to disturb the EU's support for the State of Israel, which is continuing the genocide of the Palestinian people.The effort of the EU to pretend to be the champion of freedoms can only be interpreted as a provocation, while its governments are repressing workers' strikes and farmers' mobilisations, name business lobbies a 'vital element of European democracy', poverty and expensiveness are soaring, commodifies education, health and every social service, imprisons refugees or, in the future, with the new 'Pact', will send them into exile in Rwanda, Tunisia or Albania, in close cooperation with the right-wing governments of Meloni and Orban.

It is this fading of the EU in the eyes of the people that the EU is trying to cover up with such spots. The people and the youth who, in all the polls, express in large percentages their disagreement, lack of confidence, concern and even questions about the role of the EU in the constant deterioration of their lives can send a loud message in the European elections condemning this "prison of the peoples", the imperialist alliance of the monopolies. With a strong KKE they can strengthen the struggle for a Europe of solidarity, friendship of peoples, peace and socialism.  

Besides, the unhistorical spot unintentionally provides a valuable service. It reveals who the EU really sees as its opponent, the communists and the struggle of the peoples for a new society."