Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Cypriot communists protested against foreign military bases and NATO in Nicosia

Photo: 902.gr
With slogans like "No to the bases of death and all foreign armies", members and friends of the Cyprus Communist Initiative (CCI) organized on Saturday a demonstration at the United Kingdom High Commission in Nicosia.

The protesters denounced Israel's genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people and the bloodshed in Yemen, also highlighting the involvement of Cyprus through the British bases thus condemning the complicity of yet another Cypriot government. The Communist Initiative also denounced Cyprus' participation in the EU's imperialist military operation in the Red Sea.
Speaking at the rally, the Communist Initiative's executive secretary Christos Kourtellaris underlined that the CCI "will continue the struggle for the disengagement of our semi-occupied homeland from imperialist plans and organizations such as NATO and the EU", adding that "it fights to bring back to the fore the struggle against to the British military bases, which are a shame for our country, as a base for the bloodshed of the peoples and a monitoring center".

The Communists of Cyprus demanded the closure of the British bases and expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people. The CCI also reiterated its complaint about the silence for the further militarization in the occupied territories by Turkey. At the same time, the protesters condemned the recent provocations of the British High Commission regarding the Cyprus Issue, in continuation of London's long-standing attitude.

Proclaiming that no people come out victorious through dealings with the imperialist centers, the Communist Initiative sent the message "Neither land, nor air, nor water to the murderers of the peoples."