Monday, February 26, 2024

Colombian Communist Party denounces assassination of party member Ludivia Galindez Jiménez

In a statement issued on 25 February 2024, the Colombian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Colombiano) denounces the assassination of Ludivia Galindez Jiménez, a militant member of the local party leadership in the region of Caquetá.

Jiménez was a staunch defender of human rights and president of the Association of Community Action Boards of the municipality of La Montañita, as well as a leading member of the Standing Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CPDH). 

Ludivia Galindez Jiménez was murdered by an armed gang on February 23, in her home, located in the city of Florencia, Caquetá.

The Communist Party (PCC) "strongly condemns this act of violence, which has not only taken away the life of a valuable militant, but also represents a direct attack on our Party, continuing the attacks and persecution of our community, perpetuating political genocide". 

PCC demands a thorough investigation by the competent authorities to bring those responsible to justice.