Friday, April 28, 2023

Joint Statement by Communist and Workers' Parties on the ongoing military conflict in Sudan

Joint Statement: Solidarity with the Sudanese people and democratic forces against the military rulers and their bloody war

We, the undersigned Communist and Workers' parties, strongly condemn the continuing bloody war between the military rulers in Sudan, which has resulted in hundreds of innocent civilians killed and thousands wounded.  

This catastrophic war is a power struggle among the ruling generals aimed at preserving their illegitimate gains and crushing the Sudanese people’s aspirations for freedom, peace, social justice and radical change.

It is serving the interests of their external backers, including imperialist powers and Arab reactionary regimes, and their schemes to plunder the country’s natural wealth and resources. The continuation and escalation of war is gravely threatening the country’s unity.  

We fully support the demand by the Sudanese democratic forces, in the forefront of which is the fraternal Sudanese Communist Party, for an immediate ceasefire, the exit of armies and militias from cities, and providing urgent humanitarian assistance under UN supervision to the civilian population. 

We also support their calls to bring to justice those responsible for igniting this war and the perpetrators of crimes and human rights violations against the Sudanese people. 

We call upon all peace-loving forces in the world to raise their voices and intensify solidarity with the Sudanese people and democratic forces against this bloody war and support their heroic struggle to achieve people’s power by establishing fully democratic civil rule.

SolidNet Parties

  1. The Workers' Party of Belgium
  2. Communist Party of Brazil
  3. CP of Canada
  4. CP of Chile
  5. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  6. Akel  (Cyprus)
  7. Egyptian CP
  8. CP of Finland
  9. French CP
  10. CP of Greece
  11. Tudeh Party of Iran
  12. Iraqi CP
  13. CP of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. The Workers’ Party of Ireland (Official)
  15. CP of Israel
  16. Refoundation Communist Party (Italy)
  17. Jordanian CP
  18. Lebanese CP
  19. CP of Pakistan
  20. Portuguese CP
  21. Romanian Socialist Party
  22. CP of Spain
  23. Communists of Catalonia
  24. CP of Swaziland
  25. Syrian Communist Party  (Unified)
  26. CP of Turkey

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