Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Venezuela: Evidence of the governmental assault and intervention against the Communist Party (PCV)

In a public communique addressed to the world's Communist and Workers' Parties, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) presents a digital dossier containing detailed evidence of the plan to assault the Party being carried out by the leadership of the PSUV and the government. 

In the recent past, we have published several articles concerning the attempt of the United Socialist Party (PSUV) to undermine the activity of PSUV: What's going on in Venezuela? PSUV plan to assault the Communist Party exposed , Communist and Workers Parties condemn the anti-communist practices of the Venezuelan government , Joint statement for the respect of the political rights of the Communist Party of Venezuela , PSUV government's offensive against the Communist Party of Venezuela continues, etc. 

Click below to download the dossier with the all the evidence in English and Spanish: 

Dossier and Evidence: Plan to assault the PCV

Dossier pruebas: Plan de Asalto contra el PCV


To the Communist and Workers' Parties of the World  

Caracas, April 23, 2023

On behalf of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) we send you fraternal and supportive greetings.

We hereby send you a digital Dossier containing an explanation and detailed evidence of the plan to assault the PCV being carried out by the leadership of the PSUV and the government.

As you will be able to corroborate, this is a grotesque and dastardly maneuver. The PSUV leadership has organized and financed a group of mercenaries recruited from its own ranks, from its allies and ex-members of the PCV to set up a false plot of alleged divisions in the PCV in order to justify a judicial action that will allow them to seize the symbols and legal figurehead of the Communist Party of Venezuela.

Unfortunately, we must inform you that in spite of the enormous repudiation that this plan has aroused among the working people and public opinion in general, the PSUV leadership has gone ahead with its implementation, and at this moment they are preparing the conditions to formalize the judicial and administrative measures against the leadership of the PCV. This conduct of the PSUV evidences its moral and ethical decomposition. With the utmost brazenness and abuse of power, they are using public resources, government institutions, public media, and placing all the powers of the state at the service of their plan to assault the PCV.

The reactionary turn taken by the PSUV in the economic management of the country is having its expression in the political field with this attack against the democratic and political rights of the PCV, as the party of the Venezuelan working class.

The certain possibility of the PCV being outlawed is being celebrated by the business unions, the ultra-right parties and imperialism. That is why we are facing a very dangerous step in the deterioration of democratic freedoms, which will open possibilities for a more violent offensive of capital against the democratic, political, social and trade union rights of the working class as a whole.

That is why we call on the international solidarity of the Communist and Workers' Parties, and of the revolutionary forces of the world. There is still time to stop this illegal action. International solidarity has the potential to dissuade the PSUV leadership from carrying out this assault against the PCV.

In this sense, the public pronouncements and actions made by the Communist and Workers' Parties condemning the attacks against the political rights of the PCV, the efforts they can make to help us spread the information in their countries and among other revolutionary organizations about the real threat of illegalization of the PCV, are important, as are efforts to add more organizations, social forces and personalities to the international effort to dissuade the execution of the plan of assault against the PCV, and the actions that you carry out privately, directed to make clear to the PSUV and the government of Venezuela your rejection of this plan against the PCV.

Dear comrades, we thank you in advance for your solidarity and your efforts to prevent the democratic rights of a Communist Party from being violated by a capitalist government.

Whatever the final result of this offensive of social democracy, we give you the certainty that the PCV will continue to fight alongside the working class and the working people of Venezuela, in the scenario and conditions that the sharpening of the class struggle imposes on us.

If you require more details of the information we are providing, do not hesitate to contact us.


Oscar Figuera  
Secretario General del Comité Central

Héctor Rodríguez
Secretario de Relaciones Internacionales-CC 

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