Thursday, October 20, 2022

Communist Party of Sweden slams NATO, Ukraine and Russia for the escalation of imperialist war

In a statement issued on Wednesday (here in Riktpunkt) the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) refers to the escalation of the imperialist conflict between the Euro-atlantic powers and Russia in Ukraine. On the occasion of NATO's nuclear weapons exercise that will take place this week, SKP points out:

“Russia was invaded Ukraine, annexed parts of Ukraine and bombed capital Kiev. All this happened without taking into account the increasingly tense threat of a global scale war. 
The invasion cannot be excused by the fact that the purpose of the military operation/war is to “denazify” Ukraine. Especially not when Russia itself has Nazi connections and the Russian regime has an ideological past linked to fascist movements. Russian President Putin has even quoted fascist Ivan Ilyin, an admirer of Hitler, during his speech for the annexation of Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson.

Ukraine itself is also responsible for the escalation of the threat of war. Like Russia, they have Nazi military units within their armed forces and groups that for many years have terrorized the Russian minorities and in particular the population of eastern Ukraine. Thousands have been murdered by the Ukrainian regime's military unites and there are cases of torture as well. All these have taken place under the complicity of NATO-USA and the silent approval of the world's media.

We reject any attempt by a capitalist power to impose on other countries a path of development that they themselves haven't chosen and we can never accept an imperialist invasion, or intervention, be it in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or anywhere else.

Sweden's Communist Party therefore demands that the imperialist invasion of Ukraine be ended and that all support to the government of Ukraine be ended as well. There is no other way forward than the one that leads to socialism – that path must be chosen by the people themselves”.