Saturday, April 16, 2022

Venezuela's communists seek to build an alternative to Maduro in 2024

Oscar Figuera, PCV General Secretary.
The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Oscar Figuera, ruled out an eventual electoral alliance with right-wing sectors that have promoted sanctions or invasions of the country, the Party's official news site "Tribuna Popular" has reported.

"In the PCV we want to build an alternative to Maduro in 2024. We have no problem meeting with Antonio Ecarri, but we will not make alliances with sectors that called for military invasions against Venezuela," Figuera said during an interview on the radio program "En Buena Hora", hosted by journalist Mario Villegas.
Recently, opposition leader Antonio Ecarri referred to the possibility of a PCV participation alongside with right-wing forces in a possible open consultation to choose the candidacy that will face the PSUV in the 2024 presidential elections. This statement was used by the Vice President of the ruling PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, in his TV show in order to attack the PCV.

When asked about it, Oscar Figuera appealed to the popular saying "every thief judges by his condition" and recalled that the one who is conducting a dialogue with the enemies of the Venezuelan people is the Government of Nicolás Maduro and underlined: "In Venezuela there is a pact of elites; a new pact of Fixed Point”.

"We are not going to break with a neoliberal government to ally ourselves with someone who called for intervention in the country," he clarified.

The communist leader explained that "it is not about an alliance against Maduro", but "about the regrouping of the labor, peasant, community and popular movement to present a genuinely revolutionary alternative to the Maduro government".