Sunday, March 7, 2021

Rosa Luxemburg's 150th birth anniversary: Greek, Turkish and German communists honored her legacy

Workers, immigrants, members and friends of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) who live and work in Germany honored the 150th birth anniversary of the legendary communist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, 902 portal has reported

In Berlin, members and friends of the KKE and its youth wing, KNE, deposited flowers in the place where her lifeless body was thrown by the paramilitaries of social democrat Gustav Noske in January 1919. The event in memory of Rosa Luxembourg was also attended by representatives of the German Communist Party and the Communist Party of Turkey.

Similar events took place in other cities as well. In Hamburg, members of the KKE, alongside German and Turkish communists, paid tribute to Rosa by gathering at the memorial of the victims of the November 1918 Revolution, at Ohlsdorf cemetery.

In Dresden, KKE members deposited flowers to the memorial erected in honor of Rosa Luxembourg in 1979. After the 1989-90 counterrevolutionary overthrows the memorial was removed for a long period before being placed back in another spot.

In the three events, the KKE cadres delivered short speeches highlighting Rosa Luxembourg's remarkable revolutionary activity, unwavering militant stance and personality.