Thursday, February 25, 2021

Australia: Greek communist immigrants condemn Senate's despicable anti-communist resolution

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) friends' organizations in Sydney and Melbourne strongly condemn the despicable resolution adopted by the Australian Senate that seeks to equate communism with and monster of fascism.

In the statement published on 902 portal, the ΚΚΕ Friends Organizations denounce the Australian Labour Party (ALP) and the Liberal Party for “cutting and sewing” in order to “turn History upside down and bring it to their anti-communist measures”. Alongside the two major parties were three “independent” senators and the far-right “National” party. 

History has been written and cannot be erased, points out the statement underlining that “with the decisive contribution of the communists and the Soviet Union, with more than 20 million deaths, the Great Antifascist Victory of the People and the defeat of Nazism-fascism was achieved, at a time when the capitalist countries contributed to the rise of fascism and provided significant assistance to Nazi Germany, aiming at using her as a strike force against the Soviet Union”.

The KKE Friends Organizations in Australia stress out that “it is once again proved that Nazism-fascism is a born and bred product of the capitalist system whose real opponent is the communists” because the communists are the ones who organize the struggle to liberate people from the lasting anti-popular measures, poverty, unemployment and capitalist exploitation”.

Anti-communist and unhistorical sermons cannot obstruct the activity of the communists and the workers-people's movement, says the statement.

The KKE Friends Organizations call “Greek immigrants, younger and older ones, the mass organizations of the Greek Diaspora, the people of Australia, to condemn the unacceptable and provocative anti-communist resolution and defend the historical truth from mud and slander”.