Saturday, June 6, 2020

International Communist Bulletin #3 2020

Week #3, June 2020

1. Party of Labour, Austria (PdA):
Against racism and repression in the US.
2. Workers' Party of Korea:
Statement of Spokesman for International Department of C.C., WPK.
3. New Communist Party of the Netherlands:
People are rightly angry with endless racism and police violence in the US!
4. Communist Party of Greece (KKE):
EU Parliament KKE Group denounces US - EU interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.
5. Communist Party of Turkey (TKP):
General Secretary Kemal Okuyan's commentary on US protests.
6. Communist Party of India (Marxist):
Rescind These Ordinances.
7. Communists of Serbia:
Position on the anti-people regiments in Serbia and Montenegro.

* * *


Against racism and repression in the US
Declaration of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Austria, Vienna, 2 June 2020
The killing of Afro-American George Floyd by Minneapolis police is another sad expression of the ruthless barbarism of the US ruling system. The Party of Labour of Austria offers its condolences to the relatives and friends of the victim and demands that the responsible personsarebrought to justice. 
Although the US is still the imperialist hegemonic power, it has serious problems: The capitalist economy is facing a massive crisis, millions of people are unemployed, the rudimentary health system cannot withstand the CoViD-19 epidemic and the public deficit remains immense, not least because of the huge military expenditure. At international level, interventions in Syria and Venezuela have failed, as have the subordination of Iraq and the reorganisation of Libya. The Trump administration is held in low esteem among most of the world's peoples. 
However, it is not simply the acute problems, the incumbent president or racist whites, which lead to repression, racism and violence in the US, but monopoly capitalism itself. Exploitation and oppression are omnipresent within capitalism.Racism, division of the working population, nationalism and police violence are part of the methods of rule of a bourgeois state, which is merely an illusion of democracy, in particular in the US. The two-party system of the US is a tool in the hands of the rich, the banks and corporations. In fact, whether Republicans or Democrats sit in the White House is of little real significance - in alliance with Wall Street, they represent in any case the main enemy of the working class and the oppressed people's strata of the US. The death of George Floyd is a result of this situation - but so is the widespread anger over this incident. 
The Party of Labour of Austriadeclares its solidarity with the protests against the racist police murder of Minneapolis. It supports the resistance against state repression, racism, discrimination, arbitrariness, mistreatment and assaults. It supports the struggle of Afro-Americans for their rights. It supports the struggle of other minorities, migrants, indigenous peoples, poor people and women for a better life. The Party of Labour supports the forces of peace and international friendship. And last but not least, we support those forces that want to fight against capitalism and imperialism and liberate the working class of the US from exploitation and oppression. The future of the US will be a socialist society in which skin colour, ethnicity, origin, language and religion are of no importance.

* * *
Statement of Spokesman for International Department of C.C., WPK
Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Thursday carried a statement released by a spokesman for the International Department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on June 3.
The state reads as follows:
U.S. State Secretary Pompeo when interviewed by the U.S. media on May 31 termed China an actual threat. Saying that threat from China stems from the idea of the Communist Party, he reeled off rubbish that the U.S. would work with its partners in the West to make the world of the next century the one of the West where the U.S. "liberal democracy" rules.
It is not the first time that he said nonsense about China over the issues of Hong Kong, Taiwan, human rights and trade disputes. What should not be overlooked here is that he slandered the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) over socialism.
Branding the socialism led by the Communist Party as a dictatorship destroying the Western style idea, democracy and view on value, he cried out for building the world of the U.S. and the West free from the rule by the CPC. His nonsensical remarks indicate the intention to do the same thing to socialism in the DPRK led by the WPK.
Pompeo, who has been deeply engrossed in espionage and plot-breeding against other countries, has become too ignorant to discern where the sun rises and where it sets.
He said that the Communist Party today is different from the one a decade ago, which shows his acknowledgement of socialism getting stronger under the guidance of the Communist Party and that he is nervous over the plight of the U.S. on the downhill side.
Demonstrators enraged by the extreme racists throng even to the White House. This is the reality in the U.S. today. American liberalism and democracy put the cap of leftist on the demonstrators and threaten to unleash even dogs for suppression.
Pompeo ought not to have such a pipe dream of undermining the Communist Party and socialism on their long victorious drive as what the successive rulers of the U.S. dreamt.

* * *
The New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN) and Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB) issued the following declaration on the events in the United States and were present at protests in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen.
Declaration NCPN and CJB: People are rightly angry with endless racism and police violence in the US!
The list of black people that have fallen victim of racist police violence in the US has expanded once again after the murder on George Floyd by a police officer on Monday the 25th of May. For minutes, the police officer pushed his knee in the neck of the – completely unarmed and harmless – black man, who repeatedly pointed out that he cannot breathe.
The murder has justly aroused the anger of the American people. They are done with police violence, especially against the black population. This anger is fed by the mass unemployment and poverty that torments the American working class. George Floyd was one of the tens of millions ofAmericans that lost their jobs due to the capitalist economic crisis that accompanies the pandemic. The state has answered to theprotests with even more police violence.
These events show that it is true for the US as well that capitalism and the bourgeois state are rotten to the core. Internally, the system offers forthe working class not only unemployment, poverty, racism and repression, but also a complete lack of public healthcare – more than hundred thousand people in the US have died of corona and are buried in mass graves. Abroad, the US wages imperialist wars for the interests of American capital and supports racist and other reactionary forces in countries over the whole world. This rotten state is regarded as an ‘ally’ by the Dutch state – a shame.
Racism must be combated, not only in the police but in the whole of society. It is poison, that divides the workers and serves as an instrument of capital, not only for the additional exploitation and repression of minorities, but also for maintaining the exploitation of the workersaltogether.
The NCPN and CJB condemn the racist murder on George Floyd. It reminds us of the murder on Mitch Henriquez in The Hague, whose murderers are still free. We express our solidarity to the American working class that faces harsh exploitation, and in particular the black population, that after decades of formal equality is in reality still systematically discriminated against.
CC of the NCPN
CC of the CJB.

* * *
Denounces the US - EU interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela
Question to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, J. Borrell
The European Parliament Group of the KKE denounces the US interference and the EU involvement in the internal affairs of Venezuela, with its Question to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, J. Borrell.More specifically, the MEP of the KKE Lefteris Nikolaou - Alavanos mentions in his Question the following:
“A few weeks have passed since the failed plan of a paramilitary, mercenary group to infiltrate Venezuela from Colombia and organise a coup against the country’s elected President.This operation against Venezuela had the support of the USA ̶ as was revealed by the arrested paramilitaries̶in cooperation with the coup d’état leader Guaidó, whom the EU has also recognized as the “interim president” of the country.
The situation between the USA and Venezuela is once again escalating with the focus now being on the 5 Iranian oil tankers that are setting sail for Venezuela.The US intentions are reflected in the statements of their military officials that are talking about a “worrying development” and “are looking at measures that can be taken in response to Iran's shipment of fuel to Venezuela”.
These are plans aiming at the overthrow of the elected President Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela’s government, to pave the way for the US - EU energy monopolies and their allies in the region to take control of the country’s rich deposits.The EU coordination with the USA, the interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and the imposition of sanctions are targeting the people of the country, who are solely responsible for determining the social and political developments, without any foreign interventions or coup attempts.
How does the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/ Vice-President of the Commission view
  • the US interference and the EU involvement in the internal affairs of Venezuela, the escalating US threats against the elected President and the people of Venezuela?
  • the plan of mercenary-paramilitary groups to assassinate officials of the Maduro government, under the guidance of the Colombian government and in cooperation with the USA?”

* * *
Dictatorship of bourgeoisie causes every kind of ignominy
By Kemal Okuyan, General Secretary of TKP.
The felonious murder of a black American by a police officer in Minneapolis last week has set off a massive reaction not only in the United States but also throughout the world. The US is now experiencing one of the biggest popular revolts in its recent history.
On the other hand, nowadays, Turkey’s progressive movements are commemorating the 7th anniversary of the Gezi resistance, one of the greatest uprisings of the people of Turkey against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its anti-environmental, anti-labour and anti-popular policies. Correspondingly, journalists, authors and academics in Turkey have carried out numerous analyses comparing the recent riots in the US and the Gezi Park protests in Turkey in 2013.   
Investigating what is going on in the US, soL International interviewed with Kemal Okuyan, the Secretary-General (SG) of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), on the similarities and differences between the riots in the US and Turkey’s Gezi rebellion in June 2013.   
What is going on in the US and why have the recent protests grown so much? We ask this question because the existence of racism against black Americans has been known since the founding of this country. So, George Floyd, murdered by the police officer sparking the recent riots, was not the first victim of this hostility. It is obvious that he was feloniously killed, but is this explanation sufficient to understand the reaction to grow such a degree?
As you said, the murder of George Floyd is not the first incident of police violence against black people in the US. The figures regarding the death toll caused by police violence are incredibly high. In the past three years, 690 black Americans were killed by the police. However, we need to talk about other figures to understand the real story behind this violence. In the US, the police don’t kill blacks only. Moreover, if we just consider the figures and statistical data, the number of white people killed as a result of police violence since 2015 is almost two times more than the number of black people murdered by the police. Yes, 2385 white people have been killed by the police over the last five years. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics…In fact, all Americans from every ethnic origin have been the target of US law enforcement forces.
Yet, only figures or statistics may not be sufficient to understand the situation here. The proportion of black Americans is below 15 per cent all over the country, if I am not mistaken. Therefore, when analysed proportionately, it becomes evident that black people in the US are more confronted with police violence. In other words, the police engage in violence against black Americans almost three times more than the police violence committed against white people.
In a nutshell, explicit, unconcealable and disgusting racism dominates the capitalist system in the US, as supported by the given data. Undoubtedly, this racist discrimination is an extension of a long period when black people had to live as second-class citizens even after the abolition of slavery. Maybe legal equality has been achieved, but it should not be forgotten that the social system in the US has to keep racism alive in order to survive.  
After all these, it is now necessary to touch upon what is said less. As I just mentioned, police violence in the US targets not only Afro-Americans and Latinos but all citizens. However, here, we make a big mistake when we say ‘all citizens’ because police violence is targeting the poor, not only in the US but all over the world. There are wealthy black people belonging to the capitalist class in the US or in other countries such as the United Kingdom and France. Yet, the police as an ideological tool of the ruling class cannot attack them. Thus, what needs to be emphasized is that state violence in capitalist countries is predominantly used against the poor and focuses on the least protected among the poor.
So, the main issue, here, is essentially class warfare rather than racism.
Police violence in the US has been widely debated in recent days, and these discussions are generally on the basis of racism. Some of the arguments point out that the police service has historically been dominated by another ethnic community in the US. It is known that the Protestant Irish have such a mission after their immigration. However, it is possible to see some ethnic traces in crucial institutions of the state organization in almost all countries. The Cossacks in Russia and Caucasians in history of Turkey have been the critical forces of the ‘‘security’’ concept, for instance. However, it should not be forgotten that there are black cops in the USA. To be more precise, there are black cops or police officers with other ethnic backgrounds, who deal with racial prejudices, engaging in violence against the poor in the US. There is racism, yes, and it is terrible. Yet, the source of police violence derives from the watchdogs protecting the capitalist order, and the same social order regards those who suffer from the [capitalist] order as ‘‘evil’’.
At this point, another claim arises. Some say that black people commit more crime. For one thing, there are undoubtedly racial prejudices in this claim. The issue is not blacks, but the crime rate naturally increases as societies get poorer. Regardless of the discussion of what is a crime and what is not in reality, we are talking about a society where more than 40 million people have become unemployed within only three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Robbery, hijacking, pickpocketing, forgery…Yes, the presence of these crimes is a fact.  Yet, how can the capitalist ruling class expect an advanced morality from people deprived of their rights to housing, employment, social security, access to food, and education? Besides, nobody is a fool. Everyone knows that the masters of the capitalist system commit the best of robbery, hijacking, fraud and forgery all over the world. The capitalist class has proven to be a universal thief as Marx revealed it in his works. With the sinister authority behind him, that cruel police officer can choke a black man with his knees, but that's all. He is nothing more than a pathetic police officer serving in the interests of one of the most nefarious, most rapacious and militarist states in the world.
Crime is a relative concept. You define it differently in terms of justice and the codes of proper law imposed by the body of regulations and standards set up by governments and international bodies under the dominancy of the capitalist class in the contemporary world. You starve people, leaving them weak at the knees, and then you ask, ‘‘why are they looting shops in riots?’’ Undoubtedly, the solution was the organized and political struggle of the working class, but this struggle has been still considered as the biggest crime in many countries. We know from the history books how the US capitalist class has made a great effort to break the ties between the anger of the black people and the communist movement in the country for decades. They are the same everywhere, telling the lies to the people. The dictatorship of the bourgeoisie causes every kind of ignominy.
Many journalists, authors and academics in Turkey have carried out numerous analyses comparing the recent riots in the US and the Gezi Park protests in Turkey in 2013.   There are some similarities between the statements of the US officials regarding the riots and the statements of Turkey’s ruling AKP on the Gezi protests at that time in addition to the similarities between provocation attempts on the streets during both uprisings. Above all, the growing and decisive rebellion of the people partly questioning the existing capitalist system as a whole…Taking all these into consideration, some intellectuals in our country describe the recent riots as ‘‘the Gezi Resistance of America’’. What do you think about it? Is there any similarity between these two riots?
As a matter of fact, it is necessary to keep away from such comparisons to a certain extent. When the Gezi Resistance erupted in 2013, some had called it ‘‘the Istanbul Spring’’, referring to the Arab Spring in 2011. However, it had almost nothing to establish a connection between them.
There is police violence all over the world. There are communities exposed to state violence with a particular focus across the world. And of course, there is exploitation and oppression all over the world. The similarity is here. There is unrest in every place where there is violence. Sometimes this unrest leads to anxiety and fear, resulting in silence and cowering, while sometimes it emerges as a reaction and rebellion.
It makes no sense to compare every social reaction to each other. They erupt under different conditions and different social dynamics. On the other hand, class dictatorship underlies all social movements.
Beyond any doubt, the murder of one or more people by the state is a very significant incident, and sometimes when it combines with other conditions, it sparks unforeseen developments.
Let me remind you of the 1905 Revolution in Russia… The revolution was sparked when the Tsar ordered his mounted policemen to attack over thousands of poor people who wanted to submit a petition to him, resulting in a massacre. Furthermore, an infiltrator, a priest Father Georgy Gapon, secretly assigned by the Tsar to ‘‘organize a false social movement’’ were leading to the unarmed demonstrators. Of course, Gapon did not lead to the 1905 Revolution, but it must be admitted that his clumsiness contributed to the rise of the revolution. There are many examples like this in history. Therefore, no one should trust their high-technological armament, tear gas, tanks and guns.   
Should we expect to see the political trauma in Washington similar to the impact of Gezi protests on Turkey as a result of the recent riots in the US? This question has two dimensions: As the protests entered into the 8th day, how will the riots end in? And what would its long-term impact be?  
Today, the US has become one of the most fragile states of the current capitalist system. First and foremost, the ruling class in the US has serious difficulties to govern the country. It cannot resolve intra-state contradictions. Different factions have emerged within the state apparatus. We can even talk about a breakup.
There is a crisis that affects the whole society and cannot be limited to the economic sphere. We clearly observe that there is a great disappointment in large masses in the US, as disaffection among people increases rapidly. This situation is also true for other countries, but the failure of the US administration in pandemic management and the further rise of the barbarity of the capitalist system in the US against the poor during the pandemic are the developments that need special attention.
We had previously seen these kinds of social reactions in the past in the US. For example, people had protested the government after a destructive hurricane, after extensive power cuts and again after the police violence… One of the important points for the recent riots is that more white workers join the protests, while the demonstrators started to bring certain socio-economic demands forward.
However, this social movement is not organized. More precisely, there has been no political organization that can lead to this movement so far. Beyond any doubt, there are particular groups organized on social media, a large and small number of organizations and associations are trying to do something but they cannot eliminate this unorganized character of the movement. Therefore, such an unorganized but widespread social reaction is either crushed by the government forces or disappears in time by being a part of rivalries in American bourgeois politics.
On the other hand, the masses learn much faster than normal times during such periods. So, we cannot completely override the probability of emergence of a permanent and class-based movement from the riots in the US.

* * *
Rescind These Ordinances
The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly opposes the three ordinances approved by the Union Cabinet yesterday regarding agriculture.
The proposed amendments to the Essential Commodities Act removes all regulations over the pricing and availability of key agricultural commodities essential for the country’s food security. These proposals pave the way to create artificial shortages due to speculation by middlemen and traders adversely affecting the country’s food security. 
Further, these amendments, by removing all restrictions and providing “barrier free inter-state and intra-state” sale of agricultural produce pave the way for contract farming by promoting trade and commerce outside the premises or markets covered under the Agricultural Produce Market Committees (mandis). Licences for electronic trading will pave the way for speculative forward trading in all agricultural commodities. These open the way for the entry of big mulitnational agrobusiness and domestic corporates to freely access India’s agricultural produce and markets. 
These Cabinet proposals come at a time when agrarian distress is worsening due to the pandemic and the national lockdown. At a time when our farmers require greater protection, these measures will lead to the abandonment of ensuring procurement at a reasonable minimum support price. 
The net gainer of all these amendments would be the middlemen, traders and financial intermediaries who will squeeze both the producer, the farmer, and the consumer. This is a recipe for the total destruction of whatever little of the public distribution system that is left. 
It is obnoxious that the Agriculture Minister chose to describe these ordinances as the ‘real freedom’ of the farmers. He claimed that while the country got independence in 1947, the farmers had not.  The decisions of successive governments of independent India, however limited they may have been, relatively protected both the farmers and the food security of the country for many years after independence. 
The aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal reforms by the Modi government is threatening to bring back the days of ruthless exploitation under the British rule for the Indian farmers. 
The PB of the CPI(M) is of the firm opinion that these ordinances cannot come into force until  the parliament deliberates and legislates on it. The due process of scrutiny by the parliamentary standing committee on agriculture must be done before these are enacted as laws. 
Importantly, Agriculture is a state subject under the Indian Constitution. The Union Cabinet has approved these ordinances without consulting the elected state governments. This is a gross violation of our Constitution. Even if the parliament considers and legislates on it, this must be subject to the approval of the state legislatures and cannot be unilaterally imposed by the Centre. 
The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) demands that these ordinances be immediately rescinded. 
For CPI(M) Central Committee Office.

* * *
It’s the election year in the West Balkans and the Covid-19 pandemic is the only reason why the parliamentary elections in Serbia and Montenegro were postponed. We got used to observe the anti-people regiments of both country during the unscroupulos affairs, trying to divide peoples, while working hard under the surface, exclusively for their own well beings.
The election year itself is not (which is expected to be in normal countries) as important as the process itself, but it represents some sort of speeding up the things during which the hidden affairs are being brought to light, murders are being solved, criminals are being arrested, the social matters are being solved, the investments into infrastructure, education and public health are being renewed... but for the rest of time everybody will regularly keep silent regarding those matters, while citizens are being kept in fear and ignorance. Thus the frequency of making and publicating affairs and announced (but usually never delivered) solutions is directly pointing at the fact that the criminal and anti-people regiments in capitalistic Serbia and Montenegro are in constant campaigns and that the election year is the new execution of the constitutional order.
Facing the elections, Milo Djukanovic and Aleksandar Vucic are (like we got used to see) summoning fantoms of the division and conflict, activating inner and outer enemies, finding the focal points of the conflict, while putting themselves as the leading defenders of their countries. Of course, when the state is „under attack“, no one asks about the economy, numerous affairs, corrpution, gaining personal wealth, looting of public goods or organized crime.
It was never enough to make the affairs, false oposition and persecute the real opponents, but the election campaigns of the presidents of Serbia and Montenegro are regularly being reflected onto neighbouring countries and the emmigration, wherever it’s possible. It’s simple, if one is not in the middle of the problem and has different perspective, it is easy for them to see the bigger picture and approach the problem with objectivity thus potentially making more rational judgments about the situation, the judgments that can hardly support the dictatorian regiments of Vucic and Djukanovic. That means that the citizens of Serbia and Montenegro are being kept in a constant fear of the fantom, xenophobic factor that is constantly hanging in the air. It is not enough to be a Serb in Montenegro, or a Montenegrian in Serbia, Vucic and Djukanovic need their citizens all in the grinding machine, uncounsciously serving their personal and anti-constitutional goals. Meaning, it is never wanted or desirable for the citizens of Serbia in Montenegro and vice versa to feel safe in the residing (foreign) country. Doing their daily duties without repression was never part of the plan.It is highly desirable for the aforementioned regiments to create the atmosphere of fear and lynch, to divide citizens and create right-wing fractions with the only purpose of creating fear and instability.
Risto the Satan, also known as Amfilohije Radovic (well known for advocating the fascist points of view and insights), the chieftain of the Cetinian-seabord prefecture, the branch of the Serbian Ortodox Church in Montenegrohad recently made a strange maneuver that was recognized as highly partiotic amongst certain groups of people in Serbia and Montenegro, which was nothing but the distraction from the real problem, a burning conflict between two criminal clans in Montenegro, one being the criminal organization of Serbian Ortodox Church (a Montenegrenian branch) on one side, and the president of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, on the other. The main conflict arose aboud the land in the exclusive and highly desirable location near seashore, which officialy belongs to the Cetinian-seabord prefecture, which Djukanovic wants to claim in a half-legal way by declaring the rise of the new Montenegrian Ortodox Church, thus trying to equalize Church land as the state property, or at least to create better opportunity for a legal heist of this attractive property. It is clear that Risto the Satan will never allow such thing to happen, because he likes Euros as well, so he quickly reacted, and the very next day there were processions of people in the streets of Montenegrian cities, people that were deceived by the false patriotism of the Church, fighting for money and their personal benefits. That isnot a one-sided conflict and doesn’t represent wiggling of the cream of the Serbian and Montenegrian criminal clans, but it is also a great basis for much bigger game – parliamentary elections.
Particularly, if the politically not very interested citizens somehow manage to unite in fear, they will instantly feel protected by their mother countries, and those „countries“ are – Vucic and Djukanovic, and will eventally vote accordingly, because the changes were promised and the protection in hard times is given only if one goes to a voting place and circle the right number.
Following the events, the clowns, spokesmen and people serving the purpose of making the smoke curtain, will probably only divide the citizens of the two countries, so that capitalistic masters could execute their plans undisturbed. Thus the president of the social-democratic party (displaying its program as socialistic and deceiving people) – SPS (Serbian Socialistic Party), Ivica Dacic is playing his local warmonger role again, giving the official statement from which could be drawn (and not from the context only) that the citizens of Montenegro in Serbia won’t have a peaceful life because of the circumstances, bluntly applying the assumed reciprocity against the Montenegrian people in Serbia, resultin in some kind of agressive reaction from the Serbian citizens. At the same time, in Montenegro we have a vampiric local-nationalism and continuation of the atmosphere of lynch, while the two regents are being almost silent about the issue during the whole show, which shows that the problem is not worthy solving from the highest levels of power, thus being given to a low-level goverment officers. There is some warmongering on both sides, but there is no war and it will never occur, even though the atmosphere will boil and the feelings of fear, xenophoby and nationalism will keep hanging in the thin air
In the lights of the aforementioned, we appeal that the citizens of Serbia and Montenegro rationally and objectively see the situation in which they found themselves against their will; that they focus their anger and attention towards criminal clans of Vucic and Djukanovic so we can finally be free from all the misfortune we’ve been putting up with decades. Genuine position of the Communists of Serbia party is that the elections as they are made should be boycotted so the current regiments will understand that they lack the trust of people and to show their Western bosses that they can’t provide the legitimity of the elections.