Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Russia plans to create museum dedicated to the achievements of the Soviet Union

According to a report by TASS news agency, the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation considers the preparation of a museum which will be dedicated to the great social and other achievements of the Soviet Union era. 

Valery Fadeev, the Civil Chamber's Secretary stated on Monday: "We are currently in the process of developing a concept for a museum about the USSR". As he pointed out, the concept gives "neither a positive nor a negative assessment" regarding the Soviet period, characterizing the USSR as a great project of worldwide significance.

As Fadeev said, society often underestimates the achievements of the Soviet governments, especially in the fields of Health and Education. He added that the people must remember these achievements and get lessons from them. 

No matter what political motivations the creation of such a museum serves in capitalist Russia, it is certainly important that the great successes of 20th century's socialism remain a public discussion matter in our days, attracting the interest of people from across the world.