Saturday, April 20, 2019

Communist Party of Australia: New leadership vows to continue the struggle for socialism

On the 13-14 April 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia, elected a new leadership led by General Secretary Andrew Irving and National President Vinnie Molina. Comrades Liz Hulm & David Matters have been elected as Assistant Secretaries and comrade Elias Alevizos elected as Vice President. 

The CC unanimously endorsed the CPA Secretariat’s statements made in the wake of the resignation of former General Secretary Bob Briton. The new collective leadership will continue on the path laid out by the decision of the Party’s 13th Congress to take the Party to the people. The CPA is experiencing growth particularly among workers and young people. 

“We are determined to take the Party to the people and build a political force that can change Australian society in the interests of working-class people.” said General Secretary Andrew Irving. “The sudden resignation of an individual will not distract the Party from its main objective of the struggle for a more humane, progressive and just society; a Socialist society” said Mr. Irving. 

We campaign with workers, unions and the youth for real change and to oppose the ongoing attacks on workers’ rights, wages and conditions. This includes defeating the Coalition government at the federal elections on the 18th May. We believe that any incoming Labor government will have to be held to account by workers and their unions by continuing the struggle to achieve the right to strike and industry bargaining. This struggle will only be won through concerted mass activity outside Parliament. 

The CPA recognises that a change in government is not enough to change the system. The election of a Labor government should not disarm workers and their unions or lead to a reduction in the struggle for their rights. It is an imperative for workers and their families to defeat conservative forces and continue the fight for new rights and to build socialism. 

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with workers in workplaces, on picket lines, with the community in fighting for access to free education and health, jobs and public housing. We reject the capitalist neo liberal agenda and the drive to war and will continue to fight for a better and safer world for all - a socialist system where real justice and social equity and a safer and cleaner environment can be delivered. 

We stand tall in solidarity with people around the world defending themselves against capitalism and imperialism, for their right to determine their future, social justice, workers’ rights, peace and a sustainable planet.