Thursday, April 11, 2019

Communist 'Panspoudastiki' gains 2nd place in Greek university student elections

Once again "Panspoudastiki KS" (supported by the Communist Youth of Greece-KNE) emerges as the second force in Greece's universities (AEI) and third in technological institutes (TEI), after yesterday's nationwide students' elections. 

Thousands of students supported the lists of "Panspoudastiki" thus strengthening the effort for the regroupment of the student's movement. In many university departments, as well as in large institutes (e.g. University of Ioannina) "Panspoudastiki" has gained the first place. 

In a nationwide level, "Panspoudastiki" increased its power by 1.11% in relation with last year's elections, receiving in the universities (AEI) a total of 11,510 votes and a 23.29%. 

The results in the universities (AEI) are:

Total Votes: 51,390
Valid: 49,424
Invalid: 1,966
Blank: 1,199

- PANSPOUDASTIKI KS: 11,510 votes, 23.29%
- DAP: 20,047 votes, 40.56%
- PASP: 5,786 votes, 11.71%
- EAAK: 3,180 votes, 6.43%
- EAA: 2,959 votes, 5.99%
- BLOKO: 673 votes, 1.36%
- Others: 4,070 votes, 8.23%

DAP (student wing of the right-wing conservative New Democracy- ND)
PASP (student wing of the social democratic PASOK)
EAAK (supported by radical leftists, Antarsya and other groups)
EAA (supporterd by Popular Unity/LAE - a split from SYRIZA)
BLOKO (supported by the youth of SYRIZA).

In the technological institutes (TEI), "Panspoudastiki" gained 2,115 votes (20.89%), having increased its power by 3,83% in relation to 2018 elections.