Tuesday, April 23, 2019

KKE: Tsipras represents the oligarchy of wealth

On the occasion of Alexis Tsipras' speech on Monday afternoon, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) made the following comment:

"The dilemma of the elections is indeed between Greece and Europe or the many and those of the few. Mr Tsipras has long ago choosed his camp; he is with Greece and Europe of the few, of business groups and for that reason he belongs to the bloc of conservatism, alongside ND and PASOK-KINAL. 

It is the EU of capital that he serves in every way. The EU austerity memorandums he constantly implements four years now.

With his anti-people policy and even with his party's candidates, he reprerents the oligarchy of wealth. 

As for socialism with freedom, to which he refered, he can draw ideas from the US ambassador, Netanyahu, Merkel and the other "progressive forces" with which he is associated. 

The people's Europe isn't the European Union and that is why the most powerful NO to this reactionary structure can be expressed with a strong YES to the KKE".

* * * 

Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Tsipras had delivered a speech during a political event for the presentation of SYRIZA's candidates for the European Parliament elections, where he repeated his populist slogans about "unity of the progressive forces against the extreme right and neoliberalism". 

In another recital of demagoguery, Tsipras talked about the.... values of democracy, solidarity and social justice which his party, SYRIZA, supposedly serves.