Saturday, September 29, 2018

Amnesty International's video on human rights features neo-Nazis toppling Lenin's statue! [EXCLUSIVE]

Gaffe or deliberate propaganda? This is the question that came to our mind when we watched Amnesty International's new video on "human rights". Under the title "The Thrill of Victory", the French department of Amnesty International issued a promotional video in support of human rights across the world. 

The video begins with an Asian woman released from a prison and then several scenes of joy, sadness and hope succeed each other. On the 53rd second of the video, there is the infamous scene of ukrainian neo-Nazis demolishing Vladimir Lenin's statue in Kharkiv!! 

The incident had taken place on September 2014, the year of the- supported by the USA and the EU- fascist coup d' etat against the legitimate goverment of Ukraine

You can watch the scene (0:53) on the following video:

UPDATE, 1 October 2018: For unknown reasons, the video has been deleted from YouTube. However, it had been saved and you can watch it below:

For unknown reasons, Amnesty International (more specifically Amnesty France) seems to have republished the video without the scene of Lenin statue's toppling. 

You can watch the new version of the video below:

In the new version of the video, the outrageous scene from Ukraine is missing! However, the shame for Non Governmental Organization called Amnesty International remains: it is the shame of including the hideous actions of neo-Nazis in a video which supposedly promotes human rights. Because the scene from Ukraine's Kharkiv consists a shame, an anti-communist and anti-democratic act of vandalism initiated by fascist thugs.

Those who are responsible for the creation of the video must know that the 2014 events in Ukraine did not consist a "democratic revolution" but, on the contrary, they were a fascist coup d' etat. The destruction of monuments of the Socialist period in Ukraine and other eastern European countries (e.g. Poland) is supported by ultra-right, fascist political powers which try to historically absolve Nazism. 

In Ukraine, in Poland, in Estonia and elsewhere, the political descendants of WWII Nazi collaborators- under the tolerance and even support of the European Union- are spreading their fascist poison to society. 

Is Amnesty International an accomplice in this shameful and dangerous- for the people and human rights- campaign?