Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ukrainian parliament's neo-Nazi speaker praised Hitler as the "greatest democrat"

In an outrageously provocative statement, the neo-Nazi speaker of Ukraine's parliament (Verkhovna Rada) Andriy Parubiy called Adolf Hitler a... "great person who practiced democracy". 

The hideous remark of Parubiy- a notorious fascist and admirer of Nazi Germany- took place during an interview on "ICTV" Channel.

From its side, the Communist Party of Ukraine calls on the deputies of national Parliaments from left, communist and workers' parties, deputies of the European Parliament from left parties and delegates to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to demand on their governments to take appropriate measures to punish Parubyi for the dissemination and glorification of ideas Nazism and Hitlerism.
"The statement of Parubiy that Adolf Hitler was the greatest democrat confirms the position of the Communist Party that the main threat for contemporary Ukraine is that the post-Maidan regime completely demonstrated its neo-Nazi essence and has a pronounced the nature of fascist dictatorship. Parubii is the founder of the National- Socialist Party, officially registered by the Ministry of Justice, based on the ideology of the integral nationalism of Dmitry Dontsov, which combines the postulates of Hitler's Nazism and Italian fascism of the times of Mussolini", Petro Simonenko said.

He stressed that the meaning of Parubii life is to continue the work of Hitler and to implement his policy for the “utilization” of the people of Ukraine. "The real threat for Ukraine is the existence of this regime of Poroshenko, Parubyi, Turchinov, and various nationalist - fascist parties supporting the policy of Hitlerism. This is exactly what destroys territorial integrity and deprives Ukraine of its political and economic sovereignty, turns our country in neo-colony, and the working people to the slavish force for Europe and transnational corporations", P. Simonenko stressed.
According to him, A.Parubyi needs to be dismissed immediately from the post of speaker of the Parliament and should be brought to criminal liability, including on basing on the position of the Nuremberg Tribunal on the Nazism and the bearers of Nazi ideology.