Wednesday, September 12, 2018

More than 40% of Ukrainians express nostalgia for the Soviet Union (New Survey)

More than 40% of the Ukrainian population express nostalgia for the Soviet Union and the era of Socialism, according to a new sociological study performed by the research group "Kalmiusska Grupa" and the opinion research company "GfK Ukraine". 

More specifically, as the newspaper "Ukrainska Pravda" has reported, 43% of Ukrainians and 51% of the Donbass region residents expressed the opinion that life in the Soviet Union was better. In the western part of the country- which is widely dominated by western propaganda- 31% of the people believe that life under socialism was better than today. On the other hand, 54% of western Ukrainians prefer today's situation.

Moreover, about a third of Ukrainians and almost half of the population of Donbass consider the so-called decommunization policy of the fascist government of Kiev, the removal of all Soviet and communist symbols and elements in society and everyday life, as inappropriate. Despite the fierce anti-communist and anti-soviet propaganda by local mainstream media, one in four Ukrainians and every third inhabitant of the Donbass region is in favor of restoring the Soviet Union, which would include Ukraine.

There is no doubt that the conclusions of the survey consist a strong slap in the face of the far-right government of Poroshenko and his neo-Nazi (see Parubiy) collaborators.