Thursday, September 6, 2018

COSCO dockworkers in Piraeus go on strike over collective agreements

Giant banner at Piraeus' tower promoting September 7th
dockworkers' strike.
In a statement, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls every trade union, federation, Regional Trade Union Center, every worker and unionist to stand by the great struggle of the workers at the piers of Piraeus who continue their  struggle with a new Strike on Friday 7 September so as to sign Collective Contract.
We call on the trade unions of each country, in particular the Trade Unions in Ports and Transport Workers, to express Solidarity and Support to the COSCO Workers' Strike at Piraeus Port.
Workers at COSCO Piers II and III at the port of Piraeus, together with their Union, ENEDEP, made this decision after COSCO, together with its contractors, refused to satisfy the fair demands of the employees.
COSCO is not giving solution to critical issues such as the Collective Contract for all workers at the docks and the safety of workers' lives, although in the period 2007-2017 the monopoly group, according to its own data, reports an increase in container shipments of 195% !!! While in the first semester of 2018 achieved an increase of 30%!!! On the contrary, with the support of the Greek government, the employer founded a ghost-tradeunion in order to undermine workers' struggle and also used mechanisms of intimidation and slander against the fair struggle of workers.
What the dockworkers have earned during all these years, they have succeeded together with their Union and the support and class solidarity of the workers from other sectors.
Now the working class has to respond to the multinational COSCO by expressing its Solidarity in the great struggle of the dockworkers.
All in the struggle for the success of the strike. Everyone on the strike of September 7. No worker alone.
We support the demands of the ENEDEP Union who demand:
Signing of Collective Contract with higher wages. 6-member shift groups. Permanent and stable work for all. Establishment of Health and Safety Committees. Prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases