Thursday, November 23, 2017

NATO soldiers attacked and injured civilians in Crete

An outrageous incident took place in the city of Chania, in the Greek island of Crete, on November 17th. 

NATO soldiers, who were participating in a multinational military exercise, attacked civilians in the city center of Chania thus injuring one of them seriously. The victim was transfered to the local hospital. 

The incident took place on  the evening of Friday, 17 of November, just after the end of the rally for the 44th anniversary since the Athens Polytechnic Uprising. 

The attack from the side of the NATO soldiers, which is not the first one that takes place in the area, was unprovoked.

In a statement, the Chania Peace Committee strongly condemned the incident and said that the soldiers of NATO behave like they are in a "concquered city". Similar statements of condemnation were issued by the local KKE and KNE Party Organisations.

"The attack which resulted to the serious injury of a fellow citizen is not an isolated incident. The increased attacks by NATO soldiers go hand by hand with the deeper involvement (of the country) in the plans of NATO's alliance, the transformation of our city into a basement of peoples' murderers" wrote a statement by the Chania Organisation of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE).

It must noted that the naval base of Souda (used by the US-NATO forces) is 6 km to the east of the city of Chania.

The above unprovoked attacked by NATO soldiers against civilians was brought in the form of a question to the Greek Parliament by the KKE MP Manolis Syntihakis. MP Syntihakis submitted a written question to the Minister of Defense asking from the government to take measures for the punishment of the perpetrators, refering also to the popular demand for the closure of the foreign military bases.