Thursday, March 21, 2024

Israeli left-wing MP Ayman Odeh expelled from the Knesset because he condemned the massacre in Gaza!

The chairman of Hadash-Ta'al left alliance and MP, Ayman Odeh, was removed from the Knesset plenum on Wednesday, following statements against the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the devastating humanitarian situation there.

"What the army is doing there is murder, it is a massacre - the starvation of children," Odeh said, adding that "there is blindness of heart and there is blindness of conscience. I appeal to you to be a real opposition against this government and its crimes in Gaza. There is a position regarding October 7, but what the army is doing there is a crime, it is killing, it is murder, it is a massacre". 

Odeh was forcibly expelled from the plenum on the orders Knesset Deputy Speaker Hanoch Milbitsky (Likud). Other Hadash-Ta'al MPs condemned Milbitsky's deplorable act and spoke against the atrocities committed by the Israeli Army in Gaza. 

Referring to the incident in the Knesset, the Hadash-Ta'al faction condemned the "bullying behavior of Knesset Deputy Speaker Hanoch Milbitsky, who, contrary to the regulations, removed MK Odeh from the podium after he expressed opposition to the massacre and the deliberate starvation in Gaza. MK Milbitsky continued to do so who removed two more members of the faction from the plenum for voicing a firm position against the massacre being carried out in Gaza, the same position they expressed against the October 7 massacre." It was also reported: "The mass killing of 25 thousand babies and women in Gaza is a massacre. Starvation is a war crime. Silencing those who cry out against it will not change it."