Sunday, March 3, 2024

Communist Party of Sweden to participate in European Elections, presents list of candidates

In order to strengthen the Party even further and bring forward the communist alternative, the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) has decided to stand in June's European Parliament elections with its own ballot.

As SKP's Riktpunkt portal reports, “for the second time in the history of Sweden there is a revolutionary alternative in the European Parliament elections”, thus giving to the country's working people the opportunity to vote something different other than the system's parties. 
 “Voting for communists consists a much stronger position than sitting at home on election day, or voting one of the many system's parties”, says SKP Chairman Andreas Sörensen. Andreas himself isn't a candidate, but SKP's ballot is led by Martin Tairi, an environment engineer who also heads the Young Communist League of Sweden (SKU).

Second in SKP's ballot is Winnie Lykke, a preschool teacher with an experience in the communist movement both in Sweden and Denmark. “For me, it is important that we fight together for a dignified life, with freedom and equality, free from the EU, NATO and all other imperialist alliances”, Lykke underlines.

Karl Gunnarsson, the SKP's international secretary and a truck driver by profession, is in the third place of the ballot. “We want to Sweden to leave the EU. The alternative to all imperialist alliances is to organize a society where the private ownership of large companies will be replaced by the power of the people”, he stresses out.

In the upcoming months, the Party will publish an electoral manifesto, as well as a website especially for June elections' campaign. You can read the ballot list of the SKP, as well as all relevant news and commentary, in