Sunday, October 8, 2023

Communist Party of Turkey: "The rightful resistance of the Palestinian people will win!"

"No one should act as if they have just discovered the violence in the region", says the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) in a statement about the ongoing war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas

More specifically, the statement issued by the CC of the TKP reads:

"Following the operation launched against Israel from Gaza yesterday, there is no shortage of propaganda in favor of the Israeli government in the bourgeois media and anti-violence messages of hypocritical imperialist centers and statements of solidarity with Israel are coming one after another.

Stop pretending that this point came suddenly. No one should act as if they have just discovered the violence in the region.

The systematic cruelty and oppression suffered by Palestinians, whose lands are occupied by the Israeli army and Israeli settlers, has continued for decades. Throughout these decades, the Palestinian people have repeatedly faced forced displacement; Those who resisted this were subjected to all kinds of severe violence fueled by racism; Attempts were made to suffocate and destroy a people with land attacks and air attacks.

They failed.

However, throughout this process, imperialist actors who supported the massacres and massacre attempts against the Palestinian people by saying "Israel's right to defend" remembered "peace" when the Palestinian people increased their resistance.

Yes, this region deserves real peace. And yes, peace is necessary for this situation to end completely, regardless of the losses of the people. The sincerity of the communists on this issue should not be questioned by relying on the hypocrisy of the imperialists, who close their perception of the value of human life when it comes to Palestinians and act with false sensitivity when the opposite happens. Israeli communists teach an important lesson in this respect, boldly stating that the occupation policy of the Israeli state is responsible for all that happened.

The Palestinian people are struggling for existence, and until this struggle results in the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, the actions of the Palestinian people will remain legitimate. The outcome of this struggle in a permanent peace is only possible by expanding a consistent struggle against imperialism. It is obvious that Hamas, which only opposes Israel without touching imperialism and imperialism's regional policies as a whole, and whose role in its founding dynamics is even discussed, and which has the opportunity to link the resistance of the Palestinian people to a progressive social project due to its neither class nor political character, cannot shoulder this struggle. For this very reason, the endless resistance of the Palestinian people calls on left forces with an anti-imperialist and secular character to stand up for a permanent peace in the region.

Imperialism and the invaders will definitely lose.
The rightful resistance of the Palestinian people will win!

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey".