Thursday, February 10, 2022

18th WFTU Congress to be held in Rome on 6-8 May 2022

In a statement, the Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has announced that its 18th Congress will take place in Rome on 6-8 May 2022. More specifically, the statement points out:

The WFTU Presidential Council which met on 1&2 February 2022 announced the organization of the 18th World Trade Union Congress in Rome, Italy, on 6, 7 and 8 of May 2022, under the slogan: “United, we continue! For the satisfaction of our contemporary needs, against imperialist-capitalist barbarity!”

The 18th Congress of the WFTU is being organized in a very difficult period for workers of the world, who are heavily affected by the consequences of the Pandemic on their life and jobs, by the new economic crisis and anti-workers measures taken in most countries. The 18th Congress will give a great opportunity to trade unionists to discuss about the problems and various challenges faced by the working class of their countries and regions. The rich, democratic discussions of the Congress, the militant decisions and directions it will adopt, will give new momentum to the workers’ struggles and the development of our big, class-oriented trade union family.

Because of the restrictions due to the Pandemic, the Congress will take place with both physical and virtual participation. The main criteria for the physical participation of the delegates are the following:

The organizations must be active members of the WFTU that struggle with the banners and the goals of the WFTU and support the WFTU campaigns and initiatives in their country and internationally.

They must delegate working women and young trade unionists so that they help in the renewal in practice.

Two (2) delegates from each country, two (2) delegates from each TUI and two (2) delegates from each Regional Office can physically participate in the Congress. For registration or any further information please send to:;

Let us all united prepare a successful 18th World Trade Union Congress, a historic crossroad of the struggles, goals and aspirations of the world working class!

The Secretariat