Tuesday, June 29, 2021

NATO 2030 strategy is a preparation for war, says KKE MEP

The “NATO 2030” strategy is a proof of the fierce competitions between USA-EU with Russia and China, said Communist Party of Greece MEP Kostas Papadakis during a discussion with NATO Under Secretary Mircea Geoană at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

Papadakis highlighted the leading role of the Greek government in the dangerous plans of NATO and stressed that the people have the power to fight against them, by intensifying the struggle in every country for the disengagement from NATO and EU. More specifically, as 902 portal writes, the KKE MEP pointed out:
“The NATO 2030 strategy is a preparation for war and consists a proof of the fierce competition with Russia and China. The military siege of Russia, the announcement about a first nuclear strike and the huge exercise “Defender Europe 21” refute the hypocritical declarations on “peace and security of the people”. The involvement of the Greek government, which multiplies the US-NATO bases and at the same time is in the first place of NATO military expenses, has a key role in these aggressive plans. NATO's “backing” of Turkey's aggressiveness and the fact that, within the framework of NATO, the co-exploitation in the Aegean is being promoted, foreshadows great adventures for the region's peoples.

After all, for seven decades, being the major war machine of the capital, NATO means wars, borders' change, juntas, coups, persecutions and refugee waves.

The people have the power to fight against these dangerous plans and strengthen in every country the struggle for the disengagement from NATO, EU and every imperialist alliance, under their own authority."