Monday, April 12, 2021

Communist Party of Italy: The hypocrisy of Pope Francis

In his preaching at Santo Spirito Church in Sassia close to the Vatican, on Sunday 11 April, Pope Francis claimed that the ideal of sharing property - in contrast to private ownership - is "pure Christianity and not Communism". 

Commenting on Pope's remarks, the Communist Party, Italy (Partito Comunista) characterized them as "hypocritical". Here is the full comment:

"The Pope states that sharing property is a Christian gesture and not a communist one, which means that the Catholic Church has never done anything Christian in its entire existence, limiting itself only to preaching the famous Christian charity without ever, in fact, implementing it.

In fact, the Catholic Church in Italy, as well as abroad, enjoys many tax privileges, and among real estate and furniture enjoys a treasure of almost 11 billion Euros, in addition with everything that is owned by the church within the Italian state is exempt from IMU (Property Tax) and various state taxes, as well as enjoying 8 per thousand. 

Finally, over the years, the Vatican bank (IOR) has been subject to a myriad of scandals, financial and non-financial, among which "the Sindona affair", the crack of Banco Ambrosiano, frequent relations with Cosa Nostra and even with the P2 of Licio Gelli. 

The current Pope, however, continues to fill his mouth with beautiful words, even acceptable at times, but he continues to cover a system that for over 2000 years has been doing the opposite of what he says, acting like a big industrialist who continues to earn money and make some persons profit to the detriment of the whole community. 

So NO dear Pope Francis, sharing ownership is by no means a Christian gesture, otherwise you would have done it forever and you would not have supported over the years the worst reactionary governments that have destroyed the lives of entire peoples".