Monday, May 22, 2017

Declaration of the CC of the KKE on the 100 years of the October Revolution published in 'Rizospastis'

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) presented its declaration on the centennial of the October Socialist Revolution. The declaration was published in the Party's official newspaper 'Rizospastis' on Sunday 21st May. 

According to, the publication of the declaration consist the beginning of a multiform political activity of the Party's organisations, as well as those of the Party's Youth (KNE). This activity will include publications by "Synchroni Epochi" publishing house as well as related articles about the 1917 Revolution in 'Rizospastis'. 

The publication of the Central Committee's declaration is part of a long-time Party's effort for the study of the socialist construction and the reasons which led to the counterrevolution. A crucial role in this effort had the Party's 18th Congress (2009) which resulted in conclusions and decisions regarding the 20th century's socialist construction, focusing on the Soviet Union.

This effort of the KKE consists a pioneering contribution of historical importance to the international communist movement. The conclusions for the socialist construction strengthen the KKE, but also other communist and workers' parties. 

The Declaration of the CC of the KKE for the 100 years of the 1917 October Socialist Revolution begins with the following words: "The Central Committee of the KKE honours the 100 years of the great October Socialist Revolution. It honours the great epoch-making event of the 20th century which proved that capitalism isn't unbeatable, that we can construct a higher organisation of society, without exploitation of man by man"