Monday, February 14, 2022

14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) celebrates its 14th National Congress on 25-27 February 2022 with the slogan “Build the Party for a Socialist Future”. 

The slogan recognises the strategic role of the Communist Party in the seizure of power and the building of socialism.

The CPA turned 101 years of existence on 30th October 2021 and we continue to be committed to build on the experience accumulated over a century of struggle for the Australian working class.

The Party has experienced significant growth since the 13th Congress held in 2017. High on the agenda for the upcoming congress will be the development of cadre, the struggle for Aboriginal land rights, trade union rights, the environment, peace and the fight back by workers to stop the economic and financial crisis created by the capitalist system and deepened by the Covid pandemic be paid by workers.

The Party will also continue to campaign against the AUKUS Treaty signed against the will of the Australian people in the benefit of imperialism and a new cold war.