Saturday, June 5, 2021

Paraguayan Communist Party to hold its 9th Congress

In a statement addressed to the Parties and Movements Communists and Workers of the world, the International Relations Commission of the Paraguayan Communist Party (PCP) points out:

"With deep internationalist fervor, we inform that this June 12 and 13 we will be holding the 9th Congress of the Paraguayan Communist Party, under the slogan "Broad and deep unity for socialism."

The current context of structural crisis of capital, deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic, whose main axis of accumulation continues to be the financial one with growing prominence of illegal and drug-dealing capital with the only purpose of imperial barbarism, forces the people's revolutionary organizations to the necessary debate for the strengthening of the Party.

The diversity of struggles that take place in the world and in our continent and country - subjected to a conservative offensive, an exponent of the savagery of the imperial lackeys of each of our nations - requires a centrality that strategically understands the importance of reforms in a revolutionary key, towards socialism. We need to deepen the participation and conscious organization in the workplace, in the neighborhoods and communities, in the places of study and in the diverse sectoral expressions of the working class of the countryside and the city. For this, a profound review of our practice is necessary to overcome the inconsistencies and antagonisms between speech and action, between union autonomies and the political-social unit for the power dispute.

Paraguay is controlled by an oligarchic state with an economic and social project of looting and terrorism. Therefore, a deep debate is necessary within our Party and the people's organizations, for the purpose of an ideological and organizational rethinking to expand our struggle and our program of changes, for the democratic, agrarian and anti-imperialist revolution towards socialism.

For all this, is important to strengthen our party for an effective insertion in the mass movement and for the decisive advance of the revolutionary project. That is why the Paraguayan communists are engaged in this congressional process, marked by the political struggles of the working people of our country.

Understanding the epidemiological context and the proximity of the congressional debates, we invite the fraternal organizations of the world to send greetings and contributions to share them with our militancy."

Fraternal greetings,

International Relations Commission

Paraguayan Communist Party.