Thursday, January 16, 2020

KKE MEP: Greek government's support to the US-EU-NATO imperialist plans is dangerous

The MEP of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Kostas Papadakis made an intervention in the discussion on the "situation in Iran and Iraq after the recent escalation" at the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg, stressing the following: 
"We denounce the US attack on Iraq that led to casualties, including Iranian and Iraqi military officials. We denounce the US plan to declare the Middle East as NATO's territory. The dangerous involvement of the EU - in the framework of escalating competitions for energy control - aims to benefit itself. It invokes the same provocative pretexts of justifying wars such as in Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan that condemn the peoples to be refugees and in misery. We express our solidarity with the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash  for which the Iranian government has a huge responsibility. 
We emphasize that the Greek government's overt support for US policy and the huge responsibility of all the Greek governments over time that have turned Greece into a US-NATO military camp put the Greek people at great risk. 

People's struggle must be intensified to annul the dangerous Greece-US agreement and to close the Souda base and all US-NATO bases in Greece so as not to be used as a launching pad for military intervention. Greek military forces must return from NATO missions. "

Preparation of new wars by the EU 
Intervening at the discussion on the "Common Foreign and Security Policy", Kostas Papadakis noted: 
"The two reports are a preparation for new wars by the EU. In the name of "multilateral autonomous action" and the new "geopolitical committee", jointly or without NATO, it is intended to support the interests of European groups in competing with their respective American, Chinese and Russian groups. 
They announce more imperialist interventions in third countries and increased equipment beyond the ones of NATO, while EU military mechanisms under the umbrella of the European Defense Union and multiplying: Pesco military formations, CARD military evaluation, the defence fund,  the neighbourhood instrument, the provocatively fake "Peace Mechanism", up to the European Security Council. 
All of these have nothing to do with defending borders and sovereign rights, as the Greek governments claim complacently. This is also proved by the arbitrary Turkey-Libya agreement, for which the EU declares to be... just concerned. Against the plans of the EU imperialist predatory alliance, the peoples must struggle for no change of borders and the conditions that define them, for the closing of all foreign bases."