Sunday, January 5, 2020

Australia Fires: "Capitalism and all its political parties have failed the Australian people and have no answer to solve this crisis"

"Capitalism and all its political parties have failed the Australian people and have no answer to solve the crisis" points out the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in a statement regarding the ongoing wildfires disaster in the country. The CPA calls the Morrison government to carry out its duty or, otherwise, resign. 

The full statement is the following:

Over the past five months Australia has been confronted with unprecedented bushfires and there is no sign of these blazes letting-up. This is a national emergency With a terrible loss of lives, fauna and flora, the of homes and livestock, and the destruction of the environment. Warnings by experts over a long period are still being ignored. even though climate records are being smashed. Many have tried to raise the alert but all their warnings have fallen on the deaf ears in the conservative federal govemment. 

The Australian people are demanding immediate and decisive action by the government. They are not prepared to leave it to a “miracle” to address climate change and protect the environment. 

The Morrison Coalition government has shown its ineptitude in dealing With the current crisis and climate change in general. They are idle deniers who have a callous disregard of the significant destruction that has followed their lack of action. 

Morrison cut his holiday in Hawaii short by one day, only because public pressure demanded his return. The Communist Party condemns the federal and state governments' handling of the bushfire crisis and the ongoing neglect of people's needs. Something needs to be done to cut carbon emissions and build a sustainable Australian economy. 

In the first place the Steps needed to deal With this bushfire crisis cannot continue to be dictated by mining interests Who dictate policy for their profits— including dirty coal, and big agribusiness that sucks the water out of the rivers leaving them without water for the townships. fish, sustainable farming or the environment. 

Capitalism and all its political parties have failed the Australian people and have no answer to solve this crisis. A serious assessment of environmental policy must be undertaken and a national plan prepared to make Australia a zero-emission economy and this must be done with the interests of the workers at its core. A resource tax must be introduced, polluters must be forced to pay, not the people. 

A planned transition to a renewable energy and environmentally sustainable economy must start now. This must include a just transition for workers, their jobs, protecting wages, conditions and the communities they live in. The reliance on coal and fossil fuels is killing the planet and must stop. This government has to take responsibility and listen to the people or move aside. It is time to make way for a People's govemment. 

The statement of the Communist Party
of Australia (CPA).
The government needs to provide property employed, trained and well-equipped emergency and fire services. The full resources of state and federal governments both civil and military need to be coordinated and adapted to deal with the extended fire season and ferocity of the fires that are being confronted and are expected in the future. previous funding cuts to Rural Fire Services needs to be restored and funding increased. 

The current community discussion about compensation for volunteer fire-fighters arises because the state has yet again dumped its responsibilities for the wellbeing of the people. No volunteers should be faced with financial hardship or poor health because of their service to the Australian community Any person in this position must be able to rely on govemment assistance, immediately. These issues must be discussed and proper processes need to be put in place to cover current and future situations that are inevitable. Climate change is real and demands immedate action. No more reliance on "miracles" .

We demand the government carry out their duty or resign. 

Communist Party of Australia
4th January 2020.