Friday, January 17, 2020

KKE-TKP: Greek and Turkish Communists join their voices against war and imperialist plans

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), within the context of their common initiatives for the interests of the Greek and Turkish people, have published a joint declaration regarding the dangerous developments in the Greek-Turkish relations and the broader region. 

The declaration has been published on 902 portal

Below, you can read some basic parts of the common statement, the full english version of which be published in a new article soon:

The Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Turkey, with our common position, seek to intervene in the dangerous and worrying developments that are taking place in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, in the Greek-Turkish relations, caused by social, economic and political relations which want to drag the two peoples in bloody adventures for their own interests.

The statement denounces the bourgeois classes of the Greece and Turkey which "are involved in the fierce fight over the sharing of the region's energy wealth, the energy and goods' transportation routes".

The KKE and TKP point out the "in the vicious circle of competitions for the interests of the monopolies, various capitalist states are involved, including Turkey and Greece, with the aim of promoting the interests of the bourgeois classes. Blocs and a nti-blocs are being created, while the imperialist unions of NATO and the EU seek to have special and independent role". 

The statement also stresses out:

"Part of these developments are the Greek-Turkish relations as well. The people of Turkey and Greece must not expect anything positive from the involvement of the USA, NATO, EU and other imperialist forces in the developments." 

The two parties highlight the issue of proletarian internationalism:

"Our two parties are based on proletarian internationalism, on internationalist solidarity and through these principles we address the complex developments in our region, fighting for the workers-people's interests. We underline that both the co-operation as well as the competitions between the bourgeois class of Turkey and Greece, e.g. about which country will become an "energy hub", serve their own interests and have no relation with the interests of the people". 

In their joint statement, KKE and TKP give a strong message:

"The people of Turkey and Greece have nothing to divide. Their interest is to claim living peacefully and fighting for their own future, against capitalist exploitation, capitalist profits, which lead to war and environment's destruction. For the abolition of the exploitation of man by man and the satisfaction of contemporary people's needs, the "eradication" of the causes that lead the people into the "meat grinder" of imperialist war". 

Among other things the two parties make clear that: 

They are opposed to any case of heated incident and war, expressing their opposition to border violation and contestation of International Treaties that have defined the borders in the region.

They denounce that the plans for co-exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits in the Aegean by the bourgeois classes of the two countries aim in the profitability of domestic and foreign monopoly groups, something that create the conditions for further sharpening of the competition and dangers for the envirnonment. The working class, the people of the two countries, have nothing to gain from these plans. 

They are fighting for the disengagement of Greece and Turkey from the imperialist plans, the disengagement of the two countries from NATO and EU, for the closure of the NATO bases that are installed in Greek and Turkish soil.