Sunday, August 13, 2023

Venezuela: Maduro's social democratic regime steps up assault against the Communist Party

The social democratic government of President Nicolas Maduro, has proceeded to an unacceptable and shameful coup against the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), imposing through a judicial sentence a puppet "leadership" composed of mercenaries. This activity comes as a result of an escalating attack orchestrated by the Venezuelan state against the communists and the country's working class movement.

In a statement published on social media, PCV points out: 

"We denounce before the Venezuelan people, the Communist and Workers’ Parties, and the genuinely anti-imperialist forces of the world, that the government of Nicolás Maduro has consummated the assault against the Communist Party of Venezuela through an arbitrary judicial sentence that endorses the imposition of a leadership composed of mercenaries at the service of the high government officials of the PSUV.

This Friday 11August, the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice incurred in an inexcusable error of law by admitting and deciding in favour of a writ of amparo that was promoted out of time by a group of citizens who do not belong to our ranks and therefore do not have any legal qualification to act on behalf of our organization, in violation of the Organic Law of Constitutional Rights and Guarantees.

This procedural fraud, which violates the political rights of the PCV and the Venezuelan working people, not only creates a serious precedent in the political and legal history of the country, but also exposes the authoritarian, anti-democratic and reactionary character of the PSUV-Government, which mistakenly believes that it will subdue the Venezuelan communists with this maneuver.

The National Leadership of the PCV is meeting at this moment, evaluating the legal and political, national and international, actions that it will promote in defense of our right to exist as a Communist Party and to continue fighting for the regrouping of the political, social, workers, peasants and popular forces to conquer a revolutionary solution to the Venezuelan capitalist crisis.

Nobody destroys the Communist Party!"