Thursday, May 13, 2021

Venezuela: Two Communist Party members were shot dead within 48 hours in Táchira

Within 48 hours, two communists, members of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and its youth wing, the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV), were brutally murdered at the state of Táchira, close to the borders with Colombia. The names of the slained comrades are Oscar Rankel and Tony Rojas.

Comrade Rankel, also known as Cachú, a member of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) in the municipality of Bolivar, was shot dead by armed individuals in the middle of the street. The method of the assassination points to the activity of paramilitary groups.
Oscar Rankel had participated in the repelling of the attempted invasion by Colombian and U.S. mercenaries during the “Gideon” operation in 2019 which aimed to overthrow Maduro government.

The second homicide took place in the middle of a highway in Rubio Junin municipality on Monday 10th May. The victim was 37-year-old member of the Communist Party Tony Rojas.

In a statement the Political Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Venezuela denounces the activity of criminal, paramilitary gangs and their henchmen within the state apparatus. 

“The PCV has made countless public complaints and before different State institutions, referring to death threats against our comrades in the area. We have demanded the investigation of various selective murders of male and female leaders, the forced displacement of peasants, small and medium producers, the charges for vaccines, extortion and kidnappings; without there being any response from said state entities”, reads the statement.

The Communist Party demands an exhaustive and in-depth investigation that identifies and punishes with all the rigor of the law the instigators and their accomplices of this heinous murder. 




Assassinations of communists must stop and those responsible must be punished.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) unequivocally denounces the assassination of the comrades Oscar Rangel and Tonny Rojas, members of the CP and the CY of Venezuela. We express our condolences to their comrades, and particularly to their families and friends.

The two comrades, who were vanguard grass-roots fighters in the Táchira region, were assassinated because they defended the people’s interests and struggled against the activity of local and foreign reactionary forces that pillage the region and intimidate its people.

We demand that the Venezuelan government takes all necessary measures to punish all the perpetrators and instigators of the assassination of the two communists and to protect all grass-roots fighters from the activity of criminal groups.

We express our solidarity with the CP and the CY of Venezuela that struggle both against the local bourgeoisie and its instruments as well as the imperialist attacks by the US and its allies. We are well aware that the Venezuelan communists are not intimidated by such murderous practices and that they will honour the comrades’ memory by strengthening the struggle for the cause of the working class and the people.

Section of International Relations of the CC of the KKE.