Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kosovo: Mass murderers Clinton, Albright return to crime scene 20 years later

Mass murderers Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, along
with the so-called "President" of Kosovo Hashim Thaci in
Twenty years later, the murderers of the Yugoslavian people return to the crime scene. Those who bombed Yugoslavia in 1999, spreading terror and death, are celebrating their atrocities in the NATO protectorate of Kosovo. 

Former US President Bill Clinton and top diplomat Madeleine Albright are among Western leaders flocking to Kosovo to receive honors by ethnic Albanian militants they backed in the 1999 NATO massacre against Yugoslavia

On Tuesday, Clinton arrived in Kosovo to receive honors from the ethnic Albanian authorities. He was presented with a medal by “President” Hashim Thaci (former leader of the terrorist paramilitary KLA organisation), and a commemorative postage stamp bearing his face.

The celebrations also included the unveiling of a statue of Albright in the centre of the province's capital. 

Clinton, who already has a statue and a boulevard named after him in Pristina, said that it would always remain one of the "greatest honours" of his life "to have stood with you against ethnic cleansing and for freedom" during the 1999 imperialist campaign. 

No matter the celebrations of the imperialists and their stooges in the protectorate of Kosovo, the people of the Balkans will never forget the heinous crime of US-NATO-EU against Yugoslavia in 1999.