Wednesday, July 18, 2018

KKE: Internationalist solidarity with India's communists - Stop the murderous attacks!

In a statement issued today, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece strongly condemns the murderous attacks against communists in India and expresses its internationalist solidarity towards them. 

More specifically the statement writes: "The KKE condemns with the most decisive way the murderous attacks against communist men and women, supporters and friends of the Communist Parties, as well as the vandalisms and occupations of the Parties' offices in the states of Tripura and West Bengal where the local governments are affiliated with the governmental BJP party and allied forces, like the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal."

The KKE points out that "the situation is extremely dangerous, as long as during the last four mounths more than 11 cadres of the Communist Parties have lost their lives, while there are thousands of injured militants in both states and thousands of properties (Party and committees offices, houses, shops) have been destroyed."

"Within these circumstances" - writes the KKE statement - "the militant initiatives which the communists and the bodies of the workers-people's movement in India undertake on July 24th are of great importance, for the democratic rights and freedoms, against the antipeople policy of the bourgeois government, the repression and the attacks of reactionary and nationalist forces".

"The KKE express its internationalist solidarity to the communists of India, the CPI (Marxist), the CPI and the working people of the country and demands from the Indian government to stop now the criminal attacks".