Friday, August 26, 2016

Greece: PAME calls for mass demonstration in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the city's International Fair

Archive photo. Last year's PAME rally during
the Thessaloniki International Fair. 
On the occasion of the 81st Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) issued an announcement calling the working class, small farmers, women and the youth to massively participate in the rally against the policy of the government, the Capital and the EU. 

The demonstration is scheduled to take place on the day of the Fair's inauguration, on Saturday evening, September 10, at Thessaloniki's Aristotelous square.

Government-Industrialists-EU pave the ground for the next looting! No consensus to the continuation of the slaughter of our rights! No compromise with poverty and miserable life!” points out the announcement of PAME and calls the people to give a militant response.
The announcement also writes:

We produce the wealth, we are the overwhelming majority, we have the power! The working people can and must rise up the flag of the struggle, for their own interests. With a common front against monopolies, EU-IMF and their governments for the overthrow of the antipeople policy, for another perspective in favor of the people, with the people in power! In order to defend the today and the tomorrow of our life, in order to build our alliance which will bring victorious results for the life and our interests”.

The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is an annual commercial exhibition which takes place on September; it has been customary for Greece's Prime Minister to give a speech at the inauguration of the Fair, setting out the government's policies for each coming year.