Saturday, July 24, 2021

Slovenia's EU presidency falsifies history by organizing anti-communist conference

KKE-KNE protest at the Slovenian Embassy in Athens.
Members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth (KNE) protested in fron of the Slovenian Embassy in Athens on Friday morning, against the Slovenian Presidency's decision to hold an anti-communist international conference titled “in memory of the victims of totalitarian regimes”. 
This anti-historical event, which takes place in the framework of the annual anti-communist fiesta staged by the EU every August 23rd, provocatively equates communism with nazism.
Under slogans such as “our future isn't capitalism, but the new world, socialism” and “anti-communism shall not pass, the people's struggle will break it”, the protesters sent a message of struggle against historical falsification, 902 portal reported.

A delegation headed by KKE MEP Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos and Magda Riga, member of the General Council of KNE, met with the Slovenian Ambassador Matjaž Longar who, however, remained firm in the EU line about the despicable and anti-historical equation between communism and fascism.

The protesters submitted to the Ambassador a resolution in which the European Parliament group of the KKE “expresses its strong protest and condemns the unacceptable decision of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU to organize and anti-communist international conference in the name of “memory of the victims of totalitarian regimes” thus mixing, in an anti-historical way, communism and totalitarianism”.

The KKE resolution ends with these words: “The anti-communists try in vain and are mistaken thinking that they can re-write History, which was sealed by the Great Anti-Fascist Victory of the People. The people have the power and can, if they decide, to overthrow the system of exploitation that generates crises, suffering, poverty and wars and to built with their own power the world that will ensure the satisfaction of the modern workers-people's needs”.

“We demand the immediate revocation of the unacceptable decision for the anti-communist conference under the Slovenian Presidency, the organization of which is a provocative and disrespectful action against the people of Europe and an unacceptable insult to the historical truth”.