Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sieg für DKP! German Communist Party will participate in September's federal elections

Sieg für DKP! (Victory for DKP)! The German Communist Party will finally participate in the upcoming federal elections which are going to take place on September. The Federal Constitutional Court completely overturned the decision of the Federal Electoral Committee which did not recognize the party as such and subsequently did not allow it to take part in the electoral process.

According to, the decision of the Federal Electoral Committee, which observers referred to as a "cold party ban", was challenged by the DKP on July 12 in Karlsruhe with a so-called non-recognition complaint.   

The Federal Constitutional Court now followed the basic lines of the DKP's argumentation. The loss of party status does not already occur if a party submits several accounts that are not timely within a period of six years, according to the decision.

The DKP chairman Patrik Köbele spoke on Tuesday to in a first reaction of a "victory across the board ". The reason given by the court was a "resounding slap in the face for the federal returning officer." The attempt to jeopardize the existence of the DKP "by bureaucratic means" was rejected. This success is also a "result of the great national and international solidarity that we have experienced."